00:00 I’m absolutely thrilled to see men here because the priests in the home are just not present anymore. They go out, they come back and they want to see the books and where the tests are and what happened. They’re not actually connecting with the children like I saw John with his sons last night. It’s not happening. It’s not an image of heaven in the home, is it, when it’s not happening like that? Heaven in the home is possible because of Christ in the home. The kingdom of heaven is stored up in the children. That’s what He said in His word. If you want to experience heaven in your home, you’ve got to see the kingdom of heaven in your children, and how do you see that? You don’t see that. Especially on the days of putting a pen in their hand and making them do lessons in a book. I don’t think you’re gonna see it there. I don’t think you’re going to see the kingdom of heaven in that picture. But I do think you’re gonna see that picture with these boys climbing in the tree. That’s how I think you’re gonna see the picture of representation of what God intended. Moms are nurturers. Protectors look after, nurture, feed, clothe, have fun, play, have relationship, pray for your children, spend time with your children, get to know them ’cause they are gonna call on mom. Mom, can you help me with this? Mom, can you do this when they are adults. They’re gonna keep calling.

01:28 I’m 50 something and I’m still calling my mother all the time. Because she’s older and wiser than me. And the word says I must go to her and honor her, so I do. And I get a wealth of goodness from my mother all the time, every day, every week. Thank you Lord that I still have my mother on Earth. When I don’t, then I will continue to be even more reliant and dependent on Him. She’s just a good vessel.

01:55 But the fathers, they teach their children. Let me tell you how simple it is for the fathers to be involved in teaching their children. God gave us this. This landed on our path. Another one of those miracle stories. I could be here all day with the miracle stories. Okay? But this here, is dad opens the book, two Corinthians, and he starts reading a little bit of script, a couple of pages only, there’s the end of it. And he’s reading what two Corinthians is all about to his children after dinner. And they’re busy drawing, coloring in and drawing in the book about what that particular book is about. When they finish, they’ve got a picture of Corinthians and they’ve got a picture of Chronicles and now they know and it’s imprinted in their mind. But dad also knows and dad taught it to them. So now dad’s got the word. When there’s problem with the children, he said but hang on, what did we read last night? Are you speaking to your mother like that? Hang on a second. I need to talk to you about honoring. I expect you to respect your mother.”

03:04 Now I’m leaving your mother to look after you and nurture you and care for you while I go out into the field to get the provision and when I come back, I’d expect to see peace in my home. Not, “oh, I had a terrible day and the children were impossible and I can’t do this anymore and da da da,” and the father says, “Well, let’s put them in school.” It’s not good for his wife, clearly. His wife is frazzled. Let’s just fix this now. Men are problem solvers. My family’s in trouble, let me fix it. Let me put them in school over here because… Instead, come on family. Let’s sit down after dinner tonight. We’re gonna pray. We’re gonna spend some time on the word because God’s told us to do this. God has told us to raise you at home. And raise you up in His kingdom and that’s what we’re gonna do.

03:57 And so they see dad as the principal. He is the head of the home. And do you know how much that helps the moms when dad takes their place… That’s why I am so excited dads are here. When dads takes their place in this home, it goes well with the family. When dad doesn’t take their place in his home and mom has to… Well, you’re doing the education, you’re doing the schooling thing, I don’t have time for that. I’m working over here. Children, I’m working over here. Be quiet, I’m working over here. That picture, mom’s frazzled. Is it so or not?

04:25 I mean, her husband isn’t being her help. Then she’s frazzled and she can’t do it. She can’t cope because it’s out of order. It’s out of God’s order. The moment dad steps into the picture and lets the children know, “I’m the head of this house and this is how it’s gonna be,” Let me tell you what’s gonna happen when they get to high school and they wanna go to high school to be with their friends. This is what I’ve heard is happening. That the father says “Uh-huh, God has called us to do this. This is what we’re doing. No talk of that. We hear your heart. We understand that you feel pulled to the things of the world. Let’s see what the world… ” Let’s just go back to Proverbs. Remember when we did that study on Proverbs? What does it say about if I let you go into the ways of the world?

05:08 This is how it’s gonna go for you. I love you. I’m your father. I don’t want that to happen to you. God doesn’t want me to let that happen to you. So this is what we’re gonna do and this is how we’re gonna do it. Done. Mother doesn’t have anymore trouble going, “I don’t want to go to school… ” She doesn’t have anymore trouble ’cause dad has spoken. She’s not dealing with all this stuff anymore. God gives the men in the household a tool. It’s called picture smart. Makes it easy for them. Ten minutes a day. They sit down and they do this lesson. Mom also has got her student book and she’s also coloring in or if she doesn’t wanna color in specifically, she’s making the tea and she’s coming… She’s serving.

05:51 Mothers, you are servants. Servants of the Lord. Not teachers with your teacher’s cap on. Chuck the cap out and put on your sandals, servant’s shoes, serve your family, that’s your job. Now you’re serving the family while Dad is sitting talking to them about Matthew. And He is the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords and why and how and everything else. Guess what the children get from that? Dad knows everything about the bible. That’s their reception. It’s like, “And dad told us this about the bible,” and dad suddenly knows all. They need praise for his family.

06:40 Now, the next day, if mum has any kind of trouble, she references to the night before or the morning before dad went whenever it was, remember dad said? Remember when he prayed? Remember when we read the word? She takes it back to God and she takes it back to the head of the home. Bert has just said something just now, that just whoosh. I thought wow! Never heard that before so I thought it’d be good to share with you because of where I’m headed this afternoon. What do you say to me about some parallel or association?

07:12 Well, actually, she mentioned about the health problems she had, cancer or whatever, and then she actually changed her diet, I presume, and she stopped eating food and more healthy, more organic. And actually, what you put into your body physically determines your health and it’s exactly the same with what you put into the hearts and minds of your children that will produce that outcome. So if you put word into your children, it will produce word. It’s exactly the same pattern.

07:47 So let’s put word in so that word will produce fruit and the fruit will be the fruit of this word. Let’s just focus on that. So it’s a family learning thing in the way it also helps hugely as when dad is involved in the process with regard to imparting the word to his family ’cause when dad does it, you hang on to that word for the whole of the next day because or the whole of that same day because you are now living off that word. You’re using it to train the children and it’s like you’re equipping basically. That’s why I say when dad is in place in the home, the rest is much, much simpler for the mom because she’s got that word that’s been imparted to her today, life. You have not got to read your bible and you’ve been rushing. The baby was up all night and you haven’t had the time to just get to the Lord but the priest in the home planted something there for the day. And the rest of the day, it’s quite remarkable the difference it makes.

08:46 So if you can help, if you can speak with your husband about trying to keep dad in place, you’ll find, especially with little children and the baby itself, it will be really, really helpful. Sometimes it’s all I could do was just go back to rely just only on what the word, we got from the word that morning and live off that and learn from that for the whole day.