00:01 I’m trying to get to these books, okay. I am trying because I’m not chucking them out and saying they’re not relevant. It’s like you need food to feed your body and not get cancer. I completely neglected my body and I got a disease. I need to put the right things in to sustain this vessel. Not preservatives and colourants and all the stuff that store in places in your body and create tumors because God didn’t create you to digest chemicals. Wasn’t His plan. I can spend three days with you talking to you about that ’cause it took me many years to learn it, that we don’t put chemicals in our body ’cause God didn’t design them for chemicals. And if you do, you’re harming your body and you’re going to get a disease. I’m not prophesying that or anything. I’m just saying that is what the result is putting lots of chemicals. Stop feeding your children chemicals. Look on the packet.

01:00 When they learned this, they went up and down the aisles of the shop and they go, “Well, we can’t get anything in that aisle or that one or that one or that one. We end up in the fresh produce because all the rest have got chemicals in them. Because mom nearly died from a chemical toxic overdose which resulted in cancer because she didn’t feed her body properly.” Education is about teaching your children how to take care of their bodies. There’s just one thing. Where is the curriculum? Here. This will teach you how to feed your children, but you need the food, right? You need the produce, you need the fresh produce, you need to be able to teach them how to juice and make things and work in the kitchen and all the rest. You need to do that. It’s gonna be hard to find a curriculum to do that for you.

01:47 The other thing that’s gonna be very hard for this mom to find a curriculum on, is how to teach their baby to speak her home language. Somehow it’s going to happen without the curriculum. God’s intention. God enabling. She’s got language, she’s passing that language onto the child. There’s no curriculum involved. But if she doesn’t use this to train that child in the way that she should go, the child’s going to go according to the world. And with that go read Proverbs see what comes with that. That if she doesn’t use this and she uses all of this or these things, same story. He’s educated, he or she?

02:33 He’s educated but he doesn’t have the word and he doesn’t have God. We’ve got the word and now I’ve got my word and that’s all I’ve got ’cause I don’t have any other curriculum ’cause I live in South Africa. And I’m the only home educator that there is and there’s no other home educators and the law says we can’t do this. And so now we must get the law changed so we go stand picketing up and down. One little mommy picketing up and down parliament steps until you get invited in. They wanna know what you’re doing. You say, “I believe that God says that parents should teach their children at home.” “Do you know you could be arrested?” “Well, that’s okay, Paul went to prison. I believe that God says that parents should teach their children at home. He’s told us that and I believe other parents should be allowed to do that too.”

03:24 So the law gets changed. And that was my flesh. I left that room, went and planted myself out, up against the wall to get stability ’cause my knees were shaking so much, and then I just slid down the wall. And I was sitting on a heap on the floor outside the whatever his name is, Minister of Education or something. One of those. That didn’t come easy. It came with huge amount of my weakness, my flesh, but when God tells you to do something and you walk in obedience, He does it. We walked in obedience getting here and He tells us when I lie down on the bed Okahandja here’s somebody you need to go see. You see, it’s just obedience. It’s not our enabling. It’s His enabling. So I’ve got my Bible. They ask me what curriculum am I using in the early days. I said, “I’ve got my Bible.” “Yeah, but what about language and maths?” “I don’t know because I don’t know those curriculums are on the school for the teachers. I don’t have them. I don’t have access to them. I don’t have Google. I don’t know America’s got 20,000 curriculums to choose from. I don’t know anything. I just know that I’ve got this and that God said, ‘Do this.'”

04:39 We start and we haven’t been going very long into it. And I go to a picnic with my children because we’re learning about life, and we’re not sitting at a desk. And I go to my… And I’m only using all these other references ’cause they’ve come into this homeschooling thing. I’m observing them and I hear about them. It’s not because I myself know them ’cause we didn’t do it that way. It’s what I hear, it’s what’s being done, okay? We go to a picnic and this lady says, “Oh, are you a foreigner in South Africa?” So, I said to her, “No.” And she’s an American and they’re on a ministry in Africa and they have homeschooled their children, five of them or seven of them, a lot, and she says she’s got this curriculum in the boot, oh no sorry, the trunk of her car, of her vehicle, I think. [chuckle] And she’s not using it anymore. So let me go with her to the trunk, which is quite funny, isn’t it? ‘Cause trunks here are elephant’s trunks but… [chuckle] And boots to them are things you put on your feet, but yeah. This American lady happened to be in our country and we went to her trunk. [chuckle] And we took out something very useful to this mom’s hands.

06:00 So God now has given me this, and then He gives me a tool in my hand. He says, “I will give you the things, seek first my kingdom and my righteousness,” right standing with God, “Do that first and then I will give you the things.” And so here the first thing came along. And this blue book and it says oh, you had to take your child on a journey of learning to read and day one do this. Oh, this is helpful, this is really nice. This person who wrote this must know that I don’t know what I’m doing.


06:34 Okay. And then I write to the person ’cause now I’ve got email. This is quite a big advancement in South Africa. I get email and I write to her. And her name’s Debby, and I tell her I’m South African ra-dah-dah-dah. And I’m so thankful for her curriculum that she wrote because now it can help me. I’m still writing to Debby to this day twenty years or so later, however long it is. And now we have a relationship, she has got grandchildren blah-blah-blah-blah. So I got that on my path. Thank you Lord we’ve been given that. So now we got that and so now we started distributing it to other people that had started to home educate, that they were home schooling. They want the books for home schooling. We tell them we can get that. We’ll get hold of them and we’ll get it, so we got it. And we started distributing it for them. Okay. And then I go to America and now I’m gonna go and explore this home schooling thing because, wait a minute, a friend from America sent me this book. Look what it’s called, Home School Family Hand Book. So I read this and I said, wow, these Americans have been doing this thing for a long time already.


07:39 Okay so now, I must learn from them, they’ve gone ahead of me so now I’m tapping into America. I got email and I’m sending them emails and I’m writing to them and then I go to visit them. And I get there, now I’m really excited now ’cause this thing God’s called us to do we can do now in America, this is all done there. So we arrive there all ready to now settle into home schooling and they’ve got… They’ve got in America stores for home schooling. So there’s a corridor, like you see in Pick and Pay of maths.

08:09 Sure?

08:10 Sure. And you can join the home school band and the home school, I don’t know what club, baseball. And you can join all these things, it’s just all done. Wonderful. Not really. Okay, because we’re there, I get violently ill and my husband goes to the pharmacy to find out if you can get some stuff and which hospital or clinic or something. And he’s saying, “Listen to me, from South Africa and we’re here and my wife is there and she is sick and she is… We got little children and we don’t know how things work here and we don’t have medical insurance,” whatever that they call it there. And he’s telling them this and another woman who’s standing there, she says, “Oh, you’re from South Africa da-da-dah. What are you doing here?” He says, “Well actually, we came to home school here [chuckle] because that’s what we gonna do. That’s what God told us to do, home educate. So now we’ve gone there where it’s happening”. And she said, “Well, I’ve got something for you.” She went to the trunk of her car.


09:16 That was in the parking lot outside the pharmacy, which they call the drug store there. And she takes this book out of, this file out of her boot, trunk. And she comes there and I’m laid low. Excuse me I’m running to the bathroom every time ’cause I’ve got food poisoning. And this very patient American lady who was obviously compelled by God and directed to sit with this sick South African and help look after her children the whole day. Again, complete stranger, comes into this unit and now and she is looking after the sick South African. And she starts showing me this book, this file. Well, this file was basically how my mother raised us. Now put into a manual, but my mother didn’t have this manual. But she is showing it to me and I go, “Oh, my mom did that. Oh yeah, we did that when we were growing up.” My mother spent a lot of time on crafts and teaching us through doing things and a very big focus on character. Huge focus on character, my mother. It was like, “You’re not being patient. Okay, now we’re gonna have to focus on the fact that… We’re all going to help Gregory now because he’s not being very patient.” She didn’t just focus on the child, all of us now had to help this child because he wasn’t being patient in this instance.

10:36 So these things are ringing in my mind as this American lady, Becky, is busy showing me this file. And basically all she’s showing me is a character trait that says obedience, and then there’s all these activities you do to practice obedience, they are all there. And then she takes me to patience and then you do all these activities. This just looks like a lot of fun. I think this is fantastic. I don’t have to think of all of this. These two ladies here have all sons, and they wanted to teach them differently to what the schools were offering. And they wanted them to learn through activity based things because they’re boys. They like to do things. And they didn’t want them to sit down and have to do their learning out of books because that’s why they brought them out of the schools. And now… Well, they never put them in the schools but that’s what they didn’t want to happen in the schools.

11:24 And they wrote this together, these two moms. So again, here is somebody who knew what I needed and that was an experienced mother who had already done all of this and put it in a book. Thank you very much, Jessica and thank you very much Debbies, two Debbies who did that one. Well, thanks, you helped me. And thank you Lord that those women were obedient to do what you told them to do, to help us, to give us the tools, the things we need. After we finish seeking first the kingdom and your righteousness, you’ll give us the things. So here’s the thing, laid it in my hand.

11:55 I didn’t go researching, I didn’t go on Google ’cause I didn’t have Google to look at all the different options and see which one I wanted, and which is the best. I didn’t do that ’cause God gave the best to us at that time and what He want. But here comes the next part. He then tells us that we don’t belong there in San Diego. He did not tell us to go to San Diego. Not at all. We just went running there because that’s where the things were. See, so we learnt the lesson. He sent us right back to Africa, and we had to now do this thing that He’s told us to do. And that is teach our children at home and others to do the same. That’s His heart, that’s His vision, that’s what He wants done. He wants His precious children raised in His kingdom, so that they will follow after Him. And that’s not happening in the world. He wants it to happen in the home. I say that boldly that that is God’s heart. He wants children to be raised for His kingdom.

12:56 God puts us on our path and He tells us, “Go back to Africa.” So we go back and now we’ve got this manual and our Bible. So now it tells us, “The fruit of the Spirit is patience, joy, peace, endurance.” How I’m gonna impart that to them? How am I gonna tell them what that… How that is? How we can grow in that? I open my KONOS manual. I go to “patience” and we start living activities. We start doing things every day, that all the time we’re coming back to this is why God wants us to be patient. See, we’re practicing being patient people, so patience can grow in us, and our characters can grow in patience.

13:34 So this here is a parent manual to teach parents characters first.


13:44 Right. And while we’re practicing being obedient to God, we’re teaching our little children, the one’s He entrusted to our care, why this obedience is important. And we also show them that we mess up as well because we have our flesh in the way. But Christ is perfect to them and that is what we would want to be to them, for them, is Christ to them. So we do the activities here, and dad gets very involved in the activities. Now they go, “How does dad get involved?” ‘Cause he’s working all day, and how does he get connected with his family that are homeschooling. He comes home and he checks the tests and how they are doing. That’s how some families are doing it. And this, what the family does, is the whole family knows, they talk on Sunday lunchtime that we’re doing obedience and these are the activities we’re doing.

14:26 And dad knows this family’s training their characters, all of them including himself, in obedience. And so now the focus of the whole family is being obedient, being cooperative, being patient. And you don’t do patience today and obedience tomorrow, and the next thing, you do patience until patience is evident in your family members. Then you say, “Right, there’s fruit of patience, now we move on to obedience.” There’s no timeframe. We spent, I don’t like to say it, but we spent 18 months on cooperation.


15:00 18 months. It was something that just took us a very long time to see the fruit of. When we’ve done that, what then? Oh, but this is only for the elementary years, what are we gonna doing about high school?