00:00 Another question may be, “What about the practicals? Where do those come in?” Because it’s one thing just taking you here all the time and saying, “This is where it all happens and this is where you must teach your children from and what they must learn.” So this is all we had when we started home educating. We don’t say school because school is a building. It’s called an institution whereby there are qualified people there that have been qualified to teach children, students. That’s called a school. Your home is not a school because you don’t have have a qualified teacher in your home, you have a servant of the Lord and that servant of the Lord is qualified according to Colossians because he says, “I have qualified you to teach your children. I have qualified you to teach them of me.”

01:07 But how do you do that? You do that with this. So you don’t do school at home. Well, maybe you do. Maybe you do. There’s many, many, many, home schoolers that they bring their children out of the systems and then they bring the system along with them. First, they bring the children out of the system and then they grab the system and stuff it into their home and into their children’s brains. And let me tell you what Oikos is about. Is when you get a family and you ask the children, “How’s it going? Where do you go to school?” “No I’m home schooled, so my school is at home. I’m home schooled.” “And how’s it going?” “Oh no, I wanna go to school because my friends are there.” So any difference to this child is they’re at home now doing school instead of at a school doing school with their friends.

02:01 You also hear about them, parents telling me that they’re in tears over the lessons. Then I know there’s something very wrong when they’re in tears over the lessons. It’s not… That to me is a picture of school and mother trying to be teacher and trying to school her children with lessons of books. That’s school now at home. There’s a tree out there in the tree house. So I’m going to ask the mother, you don’t have to answer. How many times the lessons happen out there? Because that’s where they’re really happening, in their tree house out there. That’s where lessons will really happen. Not sitting at the desk with a book open with some seven year old or a nine year old or whatever with a pen having to write all day. Okay? Tired hand. I want to ask any one of you parents to sit down and write all morning and see how that feels. With a pen in your hand, not going ta-ta-ta-ta-ta on to the keyboard. Take a pen and try to write all day because that’s what parents are doing to their children.