00:00 We were talking last night about honor and we were saying, “I don’t know how to teach my children honor and how to honor God, I don’t know how to honor God in the level that I ought to.” I’ll never ever reach, attain that. But I can try. And I can try and I can fail, but in His spirit, it’s done. Because by His spirit, if it is spirit in me operating, then I’m honoring Him. I believe I’m honoring Him right now, because I’m speaking His words to you. That’s honoring Him. Now I’m going to share something even more exciting with you, is that my father sent me an email last night just after I’d got this thing about family and encouragement and how precious His children are, your children are to Him, and He wants me to tell you about that and all of this. And then my father sends me an email. The email says, the title says, “This is for the Namibians.” It’s from John 14:11, “Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” Can we just stop there?

01:09 Christ says that I am the Father. I’m in the Father and the Father is in me. The power in that is there is nothing you cannot do. There is nothing you’re not equipped with or for. I had nothing left to give. I didn’t look after my body, so I got cancer. Oh shame, she’s a cancer victim. No, no, no. She neglected her body. She didn’t look after it the way God told her to so she ended up with a disease. That’s me. So I was bedridden for two years with terminal cancer. There was nothing of me left, but Christ in me. You know that thing that Paul says? No longer I that live but Christ that lives in me. And when it is so and it is Christ that’s living in you, all the other things are happening. You’re honoring God. Because it’s all about Him all the time. And then the flesh gets in the way. Something goes wrong on the day and you feel your flesh emotion jump in and you’re angry on patients, you go, “Oh, that’s not the spirit.” You identify very quickly, “That’s not His spirit. Let me repent and go back, back into Him, so it can be Him that lives, so that my children will experience Christ every day.” They will know, it will just be natural to them, to experience the freedom of the spirit. And when the freedom of the spirit isn’t in your children, you’re gonna identify like that and go, “Hang on a second guys, this is strife. We don’t have strife in our home. It chases away the peace. We want peace in our home.”

02:47 So let me show you about what Christ says about peace and the peace that He has for us, and you teach them how to attain that. How do you teach them? That’s what I’m going to share with you. Because this scripture says, first of all I’m just showing you that you have all that you need by that very scripture. There’s many others as well. And then it says, “Or at least believe in the evidence of the miracles themselves.” If you can’t believe, He gives you a little disclaimer there. “If you can’t believe that you have the power of God in you, because I’m in the Father and the Father is in me, and therefore die on the cross for you and I give you my spirit for you to have my Holy Spirit so now you have the Christ in you.” So on and so… “If you don’t believe that or you can’t believe that, you’re having a struggle with that, at least believe then the evidence of the miracles themselves.” Now my father has no idea the pertinence of that scripture that he sent last night. Because it 100% was what I was going to talk to you about today, about the miracles. If you’re having a struggle with just attaining that, look at the miracles. The one miracle is you live in Namibia. The other miracle is what this creation of His that He’s done around here. There’s evidence of Him everywhere before you eyes, that’s one thing.

04:09 The other thing is the evidence is in the miracles He’s performed when you are doing things according to Him and not yourself. I’m sure there’s nobody in this room that hasn’t experienced something of that somewhere along the line. Whereby when you rely on Him and you pray and you have hope in Him and you wait for things to happen, then you experience Him and that you know, “Well, that was God, that wasn’t me.” But the best evidence I’ve got for you, according to me this is, of course, according to a mother. The best evidence I’ve got for you, is one of them is standing over there. There is a young man, he’s called my son. He’s precious to me. But he’s way, way more precious to God. I don’t even come close to loving him how God loves him. No matter what, no matter how much I give or do in myself. I can’t love him as God loves him. So the best gift I can give him is God’s love for him, let him know about that. How do I do that? I take him here to this word, like I was saying to them last night. I’ve got to teach him about God’s love, I’ve got to teach him about who is this God. And so we spent time in this teaching him about his creator, the person, the power, the majesty, the Almighty. Then I teach him about how he’s saved and what salvation means, and how he can receive the Holy Spirit, and how that can enable him to accomplish all things forever.

05:55 He doesn’t have to run after the, “Me, me, me, I want this, I want that, I need that. I need to get the certificate with the right levels on it so that I can do this.” No, he needs to pray, and say, “Lord, how do you wanna use me? How are you gonna use this life that you made?” How are you gonna use that? How do you want to enable me? Oh, you need to equip me in this. Okay, I need to go and get equipped in this so that I can serve Him in this way. Now, how I’m I gonna get that equipping? Oh, dear, I can’t because I haven’t got the right things. So let me go and get the things I need so that I can do that. Well, the thing that He has is this word. And I’m going to say it, whether you want to see it as bragging or not, that’s okay. You can see it like that. My mother said it’s alright. I’m allowed to brag about this. Okay? Because it’s about the word of God. We read this word Genesis to Revelations to the children. Then we read it in the Bible in the children’s form up and up and up and up. That was what was priority in our day. We start our day with this.

07:02 Somebody asked Jamie the other day, “How much time did you spend on other things?” He said, “Well, I can’t really tell ’cause I don’t really remember actually learning happening sitting doing maths and language. I know it happened, but actually we started the day with the word of God, and sometimes we carried on for a couple of days with that. And then we got to the other formal stuff ’cause it was necessary. ‘Cause we have to learn to be numerate and literate, but that’s all.” Numeracy to read the word of God… I mean, literacy to read the word of God, teach them to read. Numeracy to be good students of all that He entrusts to us, done. He does the rest. So then what about all these resources? What are they for? Missionary stories, people of faith read the story to my children. These were people that were walking with God. Let me show you what happened in their lives. Read them a story. Okay, yes. Tiger and Tom moral story is about character. Why God needs our characters transformed into His likeness. Why we must be obedient and patient.

08:00 Here’s the stories about people that maybe weren’t that and what trouble came to them. Go to Proverbs. Proverbs says, “Walk along that way, it’s gonna go badly for you. You’re gonna be robbed and stolen from, but go this way and I will look after you.” There it is! We did Proverbs, one Proverb a month. One proverb for the month. And we read that scripture, and we asked the Lord to reveal to us what it means, to plant it in us. So when they are adults they are not influenced by the things of the world going, ” But what about this, and what about that? And the TV said that, and you need to do this, and haven’t you done that?” They go, “But God said in His word the following.” Everything else just falls away. It’s like they’re deaf to the other. Because it doesn’t penetrate because the word is rich in them.