00:00 You know I say to you that we care about the children and we wanna see to it that the children are raised in His purposes, in His kingdom, for His kingdom purpose. We are very, very serious about that. Not as serious as God is about it, ’cause we can’t actually share the powerful, the seriousness of Him regarding that very thing. Raise them in the way they should go, so they will not depart from it. How many of us are doing that? The way He said? And how many of us are looking left, right, and everywhere else and rushing about and jumping on to Google and seeing what’s available to us? It’s got nothing to do with raising them in the way that they should go, so that they will not depart from it.

00:41 That sentence, that thing right there, that Scripture right is we can spend our whole lives trying to comprehend what he actually means by that. Because to me, the children he’s created are precious to him. Now, everybody in this room has got children that are very, very, very dear and precious to them, you’ll die for them, you will I know. I know when my daughter was critically ill, time and time again and the doctors told us she’s got a few days, a few hours to live. What was my first thought? Let me go rather than her. Why Lord? Let it be me, not her, let her live. That’s a normal parent thought, right? Now as precious as they are to you, they are much more precious than that to God. Can you comprehend that? If they are so much more precious to Him than they are to you, what are you doing about it? Are you respecting and honoring God’s precious heart towards those precious children?

01:48 That’s our responsibility. He says, “I’m entrust these children to your care, this couple here, I’m gonna give you some children, I’m gonna create them, you can’t create them. You can’t decide what color eyes they’re gonna have and how tall they’re gonna grow. I’m creating them with the purpose a special purpose. I’m entrusting them to your care, for you to raise them. For you to raise my precious children. They are more precious to me than they’re gonna be to you.” So we ought to be checking with Him, that we’re doing what He needs us to do. It ought to be very serious to us, it ought not to be about ourselves and we want our child to do this and I want him to do that and I want him to get this degree and I want him to win this thing and I want him to succeed and that. It’s all about our, the parent want this for my child. Where is God in that? God gave that child to you. God created this little newborn baby over here, to that mother, for that mother to raise that person, the way God wants that person raised. Not the way she decides what she wants for it and which school to go to and how to educate.

02:55 Just check with God, because when we check with God, which is what I’ve had to do, because I’ve had chronically ill children and brittle bone son and all kinds of things and what did it do? For our lives? Got me on my knees, and before God, not actually on my knees, flat on the floor, on my face, okay? Far down as I could get, and ask him, “Okay. So, I can’t do this, I don’t know what to do. Could you do it for me?” And what would happen? He enables us by his spirit and then His spirit does it for me. So I experienced here the spirit of God, ’cause I can’t talk about it. I experience here the spirit of God. I experience the spirit God the Father and that Father. I see that Father being God to those children, that’s what I’ve experienced.

03:45 Because it’s God’s enabling in Him, it’s not Him He’ll mess up terribly. Okay? Because we do, because we all human and we make big mistakes and we gonna keep making those big mistakes until we depend on His spirit, which is what I’ve learned that I had to do on the floor, “Could you go do this for me please? ‘Cause I actually can’t face another infusion, I can’t face having to keep this child alive everyday with an infusion, I can’t do it anymore. Sorry Lord but now I’m done, because I wanna go and get that infusion out the fridge and throw it on the wall, because I want to have nothing more to do with it.” There is my weakness. But He wants me, but so I can’t do it, so I go pray. He gets up and He goes in and He helps me and it’s by His spirit and now suddenly I’m cheerful about this thing that I’m angry about.

04:36 I’m all emotional about my child having to suffer and now I’m not anymore, I’m saying to her, “Let’s just think of the cross.” And then she starts crying she goes, “I can’t mom, the nails in His hands.” And then we insert the needles and she hasn’t have any pain. Why? ‘Cause she’s thinking about the pain that he took on the cross for her. Did I do that? Can I do that? No. No book I read is gonna give me parent help to help me to do that. Only by His spirit. Only. So now she’s an adult and what does she witness? What does she tell people? It wasn’t her mother that taught her, and I don’t say this in any kind of arrogance, I’m just repeating my child’s words. It wasn’t her mother that taught her, it was Christ. Do you want your children to be raised up into adult life and say, “It was Christ that taught me.” Is that what you want? The only way it’s gonna happen, is dependency on Him. The only way it’s gonna happen, is not just dependency on Him when you need, “Oh, I need you Lord.” No. He expects you to spend time here, this is the living word. He expects you to give this life into your children.