00:00 I’ve said it from day one, when Oikos was birthed, that we have the word of God and that’s what we need. This is our curriculum message. Seek first my kingdom and my righteousness, and this is where we’re gonna find it, and all the things will be added to you. He didn’t say seek first thy curriculum and then come back to me. He said come to me first. So this is what Oikos is about. It’s about keeping families on this journey that keeps God in place, keeps God front and center.

00:35 Which brings me to the next thing I wanted to share with you about the message that God has for you with regard to the gift of you being Namibians. And that is because you are Namibians, you have an extraordinary gift that is hard to find elsewhere. To illustrate this, I want to tell you that we took off from Johannesburg Airport and in a very short time, we were in Botswana airspace and we were flying low, the pilot was flying low just for me, I think, because it was a clear day. And we looked out the window and from there until we landed in Windhoek, do you know what we saw? Nothing and nothing and nothing and nothing, and nothing, and nothing other than… Jamie said, “Look at that road.” And there was a road that went like this, just one. And God showed me that this is the gift that I’m coming to remind you of that you have ’cause that’s what he wants you have. He wants you to embrace this gift of nothing, this gift of simplicity, this gift of purity, this gift of no life but in Him.

01:54 And so you don’t have all the distractions, but I came here to say to you that you’re getting distracted because the world is shrinking and because there isn’t any towers and all sorts of going on and so you can tap into the world all over. Thank you, Lord, for technology because now we can share here and the rest of the world to the corners of the earth. We can use that, but for him. Use technology for him to aid you and assist you, not to distract you from the gift that he’s given, and that is purity and simplicity. I’m thinking you guys are really better off than most because of your simplicity, because of what you’ve got.

02:42 I know there’s an American lady sitting at the back there because she’s got an American accent. [laughter] Think of us flying into New York, think of the message God has to give the people of New York. He’s doing a work with the people in the city, isn’t he? He’s using those people in that city to help the people in the city to come to him through whichever means. But they’ve got a much, much harder job in not being distracted, wouldn’t you agree? Wouldn’t you agree that it’s really, really difficult for them? They have to be really committed and laser beam and dedicated and separated and it’s really hard. And they’ve gotta get that right so they can then share him with other people in the city.

03:32 But you don’t have that problem. I know you live in Windhoek and you’ve got a city and you live in the city. But you only have to go 10 minutes that way and you will be in this gift of simplicity. Doesn’t take much. So, we were staying in Swakopmund and Jamie and I walked out the place we were staying, we walked five steps and we were in the desert. And if we looked left and right there was desert, desert, desert, desert, desert, desert.

04:01 Now, if I was raising my children in this desert, that’s where I’d be raising them. Now I know it’s hot so I’d find a shade tree, palm, I mean, and we would sit there because that’s where I’m gonna teach them about God. I’m not gonna teach them about God in the house, with the computer screen, tapping into the world with the internet and going on Google and doing this stuff. That’s not where I’m gonna teach them about God. I’m gonna teach them about God in the desert. That’s where they’re gonna discover him. But I don’t see any children, really. They’re all inside the houses ’cause it’s too hot and there’s an air conditioner. So, all the learning is happening inside here, inside the buildings.

04:45 And then we drive from Swakopmund to here and Jamie was doing some filming on the way because it was desert, desert, desert, desert. Oh, and then the little shrubs started. But for hours and hours and hours, you’re driving with simplicity on either side of you. So I was commentating while he was filming and I was saying, “Look at this. If anybody out there who’s watching this production, if they think Namibian farmer… ” Like Noella was saying to me that she’s a farmer and I thought now when you say, “We’ve got a farm,” in South Africa that means you’re growing maize or cattle or some sort of produce. But when you say, “I’ve got a farm,” in Namibia, no, it’s not what the mind goes to, there’s going to be maize fields. It’s wildlife. It’s nature. It’s simplicity. It’s untouched by man.

05:44 Now that illustration there is an experience that is unique and rare to this land that your children can experience God in a way that is God. And so, what are you doing about that? That’s why it’s important that you listen and you hear what He’s got to say today. Because I brought my children here 10 years ago and when we left, I asked, our daughter said, “That place, it’s like the beginning and the end and nothing else happening in between.” [laughter] And she had a spiritual experience of such great depth that if she wants to consider God, the magnificence, the power of God, she thinks of Namibia. So I’m coming to tell you that. Because it seems to me, from what He’s been showing me, that you might have forgotten a bit of that.