This will be the final scheduled livestream for the foreseeable future.
We will continue to livestream as and when we can, but it will no longer be every week.
Sonja encourages you to go listen to the Oikos Family Podcast, specifically episodes 15-17 on the topic of health.
She then talks about the Mother’s Month Sale we are running on the Oikos Online Store through the month of May 2019.
Use coupon code “MOTHERSMONTH10” at checkout FOR 10% off ALL orders.
Still on the topic of the store, Sonja is excited to announce that our first audiobook, Letters from Granny Oikos, is finally available at a variety of distributors, a selection of which are linked below…
We will be producing more audiobooks in the future.
Sonja thanks the families for purchasing their resources through Oikos.
The work we are doing for you can continue because of this funding.
When we help you, we help your children.
Sonja talks about the loyalty program in which every Oikos order receives a small ‘thank you’ gift. At the time of this recording, (May 15, 2019) those gifts are Tia Ciferno’s music CD, Safely Home or you might get a small packet of seeds.
The live chat has several questions about what to do with their children during the Summer Holidays. Sonja offers some of the following ideas…
Focus on a theme of food for the week. Pick a country or culture and learn all about the food they eat and try it yourselves.
Draw flags. Learn about the different countries flags and what they symbolise.
Zebra’s. As you probably know by now, Zebra’s are a recurring theme in these livestreams. You could take a trip to the zoo and see some Zebra’s up close.
On the topic of food, Sonja talks about some traditional South African foods, such as Mealie Meal and Babootie.
And finally, Sonja shares a story about somebody who worked in Oikos for a time, and whenever things were getting chaotic and stressful, she would say ‘stop the lorry.’ This is a term that has stuck with us and we use it frequently.
Remember to be intentional and be blessed.
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