Oikos Live – Episode 49 (May . 2019)

A few key points covered in this video.

  • This week on Oikos Live we are in Howick, testing our mobile live-streaming setup.
    Due to technical difficulties with internet, power, etc. we will no longer be live-streaming every Wednesday after episode 50. We will continue to livestream whenever we are able.
  • Sonja talks briefly about cold brew coffee and why it is her fovourite way to drink coffee.
  • Remember that the Oikos Family Podcast has new episodes every week.
  • Sonja shares some feedback from a mom about how helpful she finds the short podcast episodes.
  • Sonja then announces that Oikos is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year (2019).
  • To celebrate this, as well as Mothers Day, we are having a site wide “Mothers Month Sale” where you can get 10% off everything on the Oikos Online Store (https://www.oikosfamily.co.za/store/)
  • This includes items already on sale. Enter the coupon code MOTHERSMONTH10 at checkout to apply a 10% discount to your total order.
  • Sonja then talks about audiobooks.
  • She is excited to announce that we have started recording audiobook versions of select titles on the Oikos online store.
  • The first being Letters from Granny Oikos (https://www.oikosfamily.co.za/product/letters-from-granny-oikos/) [coming soon]
  • Letters from Granny Oikos is also now available on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QZDFHXW) in both Kindle and paperback formats.
  • Sonja then has some fun with the moms on the live chat talking about how different words are used for the same things around the world. For example, in the USA the boot of a car is called the trunk.
  • In closing, Sonja talks about cold brew coffee again, and suggests that you Google how it’s made, as it is very interesting and quite delicious.
  • And finally, a reminder to subscribe to the Oikos Family Podcast for weekly episodes encouraging you on your home education journey.