Oikos Live – Episode 48 (April . 2019)

A few key points covered in this video.

  • In this episode of Oikos Live, Sonja starts by talking about the recent (April 23, 2019) floods in Durban, South Africa. Our prayers and condolences are with the families affected by this tragic event.
  • She then discusses how we can find the silver lining in any event and reminds us to actively do so, not just during a catastrophic event, but in our daily lives as well.
  • A letter from a school principal is shared, in which he is talking about the sad state of affairs leading to teachers quitting due to unruly and disruptive students. He continues by encouraging the parents of said students to come and teach their own children.
  • Sonja takes this opportunity to congratulate those parents who have already made the decision to teach their children at home and raise them to be productive and beneficial members of society.
  • A letter from a mom is read in which she talks about how important it is to move into your child’s “play space” and engage with them on their level.
  • With Mothers Day drawing closer we are excited to let you know that Oikos will be running a 10% sale on everything on the Oikos Online Store through the month of May. https://www.oikosfamily.co.za/store/
  • And in closing, Sonja mentions that Oikos is celebrating its 30th birthday this year (2019).