Oikos Live – Episode 43 (March . 2019)

A few key points covered in this video.

  • Sonja is joined by Sylvie Eksteen and together they discuss, with the YouTube Live Chat, the Digital Revolution and how it is effecting our everyday lives and how it has changed parenting and home education (homeschool).

  • Sonja and Sylvie both grew up before cell phones and internet were commonplace and they share their experiences adjusting to the digital world we now live in.

  • Sonja reads Dr. Jay L. Wile’s response to a question regarding his book, Science in the Scientific Revolution
    Followed by an announcement that Dr. Jay will be joining us via Skype for a livestream sometime in March 2019.

  • The livestream is then wrapped up with some Q&A with the YouTube chat and a summary of the Digital Revolution topic.