Oikos Live – Episode 40 (Feb . 2019)

A few key points covered in this video.

  • Welcome to our Mini Moms Retreat

  • Moms Retreat was cancelled or postponed due to very bad roads after some days of heavy rain.

  • To join a Moms Retreat you can go to the Events tab on the Oikos site to book to attend a retreat.

  • Founding scriptures

1. Seek first the Kingdom of God – Matt 6:33

2. A quiet life 1 Thess 4:11/12

3. Rules for Holy living Col 3

  • Focus today being about Holy living.
  • Joy for January
  • Something concrete from His Word to help us to practically live it. This will help us be joyful and strengthened when we practise His Word while we live it.
  • Love KONOS. Putting into practice what the Word of God says.
  • Smiley face bouncy balls.
  • Do a study in the Word on the founding scriptures.
  • We hope the videos on the site will keep reminding you of the JOY and how important it is. We are putting bouncy balls with smiley faces into the parcels now and hope we can continue to do so for years to come. This we hope is a continual reminder to keep JOY as a priority.
  • I also hope that the message of simplicity is a constant encouragement to you.
  • Home educating has, over the years, became dangerously close to what the world systems look like.
  • That’s a bold thing to say but it is what I am seeing.
  • Home educating parents seem to be trying to do too much. Maybe parents feel they not giving their children enough but we keep reminding you to keep it simple that is why we have spent years doing the videos for you.
  • Don’t rush after the things you think you need check with God what the things are which are important to Him and He tells us what that is first and foremost when He says seek FIRST the Kingdom of God.
  • Be okay with simply because it is okay with God.
  • I hope you will have the conviction and the courage to say no to the distractions. You may think it hard to say no but perhaps it is even harder to say yes because then you must live with them out!
  • If you miss out on the simplicity focus then your children are going to miss out on the gift of simplicity.
  • Think about what the peace in the home picture looks like to Him.
  • God wants you to teach your children about Him rather than spending your time running around on other things that are just distraction from this.
  • Some people tell me that their children do not want to learn from the Word they would rather be doing the activity they are seeking after.
  • Encourage you to shed the load and simplify
  • God is enough.
  • Am I doing enough?
  • Parents feel they need to do more. They feel as though they are not doing enough.
  • Go seek God means go to the Word, read and apply.
  • Set your hearts and minds on things above not on earthly things. God says this in His Word.
  • I’m here to encourage you to sit with your family and read the Word and talk to them about what He says from His Word.
  • Find His thoughts in His Word.
  • So how do you live and practise His Word? Well, we did the practising by living KONOS.
  • If you spend time in Colossians I feel sure you will have more than enough.
  • Watch the Oikos Live archive to find what you may need support or help with.
  • Discuss where to book for Moms Retreats – events – email address – there you will receive the moms retreat information, accommodation, catering, time frames, location, etc.
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