Oikos Live – Episode 33 (Dec. 2018)

A few key points covered in this video.

  • Moms Retreats
  • 2019 The last weekend of every uneven months are blocked for Moms Retreats
  • At Oikos in the KZN Midlands – Karkloof
  • We have blocked these dates for Moms Retreats because they are important and valuable
  • Slideshow of the Oikos cottage – showing the forests and the facilities in the cottage
  • Encouragement to try and attend a Moms Retreat
  • Moms retreat are not prescriptive
  • Each person takes home from the retreat what was pertinent to them
  • There is no programme – it is more specific to individual needs being met
  • We hope to be effective to helping each individual
  • Moms make connections and create networks
  • Oikos website ‘events’ is where you will find the dates and the email address to send a request to get further details and information about the moms retreats
  • Hot summer day – winter in USA – centigrade and fahrenheit temps
  • Storms – back up plans