Oikos Live – Episode 31 (Nov. 2018)

Announcements for help.

  1. Use ‘Chat to Us’ for help when you are on the Oikos website
  2. Email: help@oikosfamily.co.za for support and help
  3. Make sure you put your orders in if you do not want to wait weeks for delivery due to us closing between 14 Dec – 7 Jan. 2019.

A few key points covered in this video.

  • Some suggestions while you wait and for next year goals.
  • Have your children put in their personalised notebooks what goals they would like to reach for the year. You can use this ‘goal book’ as a reference through the year to accomplish what each individual needs.
  • Shared a JOY book from the KONOS Basket of memories.
  • Answered questions on.
  • Untidy handwriting
  • Child is 11 and cannot read or spell
  • Lost interest
  • Overwhelmed
  • Need to get away
  • Gave information and invitation for the Moms Retreats. Time away for perspective, time alone, time with other moms or for general support.
  • General responses to those who shared while attending this live streaming episode 31.