Oikos Live – Episode 26 (Oct. 2018)

A few key points covered in this video.

  • Internet, speed, connection, tests
  • Lile, Maltese dog
  • What is Oikos?
  • Navigating the website
  • Showing the ‘About’ tab – videos
  • Q&A – website page
  • Do you attend the homeschool seminars?
  • Showed on the website how to use search show the video with the answer for attendance to homeschool seminars, expos, conferences
    Oikos on the Road
    Showing all the Q&A from the various Oikos Q&A road trips
  • Smiling at your children
  • Shared Dalene’s testimony – mothers testimony
  • Livestreaming is helpful
  • What about record keeping?
  • Made mistakes while homeschooling and now want to do KONOS – is it too late?
  • Add games to the various KONOS units and character traits
  • KONOS HOW workshop
  • Prepare your children for adult life
  • Thank you for your endurance and attention.
  • Rest
  • Joyfulness