Oikos Live – Episode 25 (Sep. 2018)

A few key points covered in this video.

  • Fireplace – candle
  • Romantic
  • Delight yourself in the Lord – Psalms
  • My child hates maths what do I do?
    Hate was a banned word in our home
  • Maths being so difficult – others find maths fun
  • Deal with the hate factor
  • Placement tests
  • Put aside grade and age level and look at the skill level
  • Take time – there is no hurry
  • Be careful with comparing – lessons from the Word on comparing
  • Repetitive work can be dull for a child
  • Special needs – do not add stress
  • Weight of responsibilities
  • Painting relating to maths
  • How much paint is required to paint – a maths lesson
  • Practical and applied maths
  • Being good stewards of our funds – maths is needed for this
  • Baking = maths
  • Why are the Oikos colours red, yellow and green.
  • Why is the logo what it is
  • Logo and colours explained
  • Green = Growth, Yellow = Son, Red = Blood of Jesus and forgiven
  • KONOS – Yellow, Green, Red