Oikos Live – Episode 24 (Sep. 2018)

A few key points covered in this video.

  • Good news
  • Science Sale
  • Price Increases
  • 3-8% increase and some decreases
  • Blessings of provision
  • Savings on sales
  • Variations
  • Hugging Lile – Maltese dog
  • Moms Retreats
  • Question about Math-U-See sale
  • Vat, postage, unexpected prices when ordering International
  • Well rounded products
  • Bible Study and KONOS
  • Experience the Word by spending time there and then practise and live the Word by living KONOS
  • Numeracy and Literacy, to be good steward of teaching formal academic education.
  • Placement test
  • Budget restraints – get Bible study and KONOS
  • You can always catch up on numeracy and literacy but don’t lose the time you have to teach character. Try and watch KONOS workshop.