Oikos Live – Episode 47 (April . 2019)

A few key points covered in this video.

In this video Sonja explains the meaning behind the zebra theme that has been in all of our livestreams and has been a big part of the Oikos Family Ministries message over the years.

Sonja gives some practical ideas and suggestions to illustrate the zebra theme.

She then answers a few questions from the live chat and reminds you to have fun with your children.
A subject that is covered in more depth in episodes 11-14 of the Oikos Family Podcast.


Other topics covered in this video include;
  • Oikos Live Episode 42: Little Bags
  • A Learning Lifestyle Series
  • Letters from Granny Oikos
    Paperback: oikosfamily.co.za/product/letters-from-granny-oikos/
    eBook: oikosfamily.co.za/product/letters-from-granny-oikos-ebook-pdf-read-only/