Hello, I am Sonja Wood, my husband Greg and I founded Oikos Family Ministries in 1989.

Oikos Family Ministries was birthed out of vision to keep our children at home and to raise them for kingdom purposes, and to train their characters, so that they would be equipped and ready to serve God in their Adult lives.

So what has developed from that is many pioneering days of spreading the word and the vision, and the concept of families uniting and keeping a their children at home, raising and teaching them. At the same time offering very high standard and good quality education, focusing on numeracy and literacy, as the foundation, but the most important is training their characters and preparing them, and making them ready for their adult lives.

At the same time not forgetting to keep their childhood in the place that it belongs, so that they can have fun and enjoy and experience, their childhood, in the learning years at home and the family being united and enjoying the entire process.

So Oikos has resources on our on line store on our website, that cover the curriculum required for parents to teach their children at home, from the beginning, all the way through to adult life.

We also have a whole variety of video clips to support and serve families to assist and help them, through this journey, so we hope for you, that you experience the fullness, and the blessing, and the rich reward that we have experienced as we have followed this journey ourselves