Oikos has many orphanages coming on our path and asking if they are able to use Oikos resources in the orphanage for educational purposes. Oikos resources do not fit into the box of education as in the graded box, or the different age levels in one grade box.
It takes a little bit of getting used to the idea and how Oikos resources can be utilised in an orphanage or school setting environment.

We would answer that yes, Oikos resources can be used in these environments, however that is not the focus.

The focus is not about putting your age 7 children into Grade 1 and your 8 year old children into Grade 2, it is more about the individual children, in the home or orphanage.

It is more about establishing each individual child’s level, because you can have a 14 year old who cannot read. You are clearly not going to start them in the Grade most 14 year olds are in, you are going to start them with Blue book, not the Grade 1 book because Oikos does not have a Grade 1 book, you will start them with Blue Book and teach them to read.

They are not going to think, “I am doing Grade 1 and I’m 14,” instead they are going to see that they have a reading program and this reading program looks babyish because they don’t speak English , so you will start with baby steps. If I, as an adult, decided to learn Spanish I would get a Spanish book that would teach me how to say, “Hello” in Spanish, it would be at a very low, elementary level.

So that is how Oikos treats each individual.