We do have some parent read aloud books such as Mind your Own Business which is good for entrepreneurial skills. To impart those skills to the children in the Children’s Home, so there are a few of those supportive resources for the parent to read.
Then of course the real extra extra’s which are the Art book and the Singing. We have a full curriculum here, if you decide you are doing art on Fridays and perhaps you are afraid of art and didn’t train as a teacher to do art it does not matter. This lady has very kindly put all her wonderful skill and expertise into this little book and you sit with your children and you say , take our your page and put a dot in the middle, now put a circle around the dot. OK, now we are learning the elements of art and by the end when you finished going through all these steps everyone has a little bird on their page. Everyone’s bird is different, some are fat, some are small, some are skinny, everyone has their own creation. They all go up on the wall, everybody had a whole lot of fun and you are a very clever art teacher. Heaven in your Children’s home, everybody has a lot of fun.

The Vocal Coach you can put in and everybody can learn to train their voices. You can then have music lessons or music time in your children’s home as well if you like. That is what vocal coach is there for.

That about wraps it up. I don’t think I have missed anything. I hope it has been clear enough and not too much information, “information overload” and that I have kept it simple. I know that it can appear too much that I have given you, but in actual fact let us just summarise and see that even though I have shown you a lot of resources it should not be too much.

It is Bible, Bible Study, Konos, Maths and Language, Science, Art, Literature and Read Aloud’s. That is basically it in a nutshell.

Now I think we should have some coffee and you should get your questions ready and then we will have question time.