Math-U-See has your manipulative, you are going to have to have a few sets of those, you are going to have to manage them very well, and see to it that they are well look after and everything is put back in place.
You can have a number of children using the same table and sharing the manipulative at the same time, you can pop your DVD in and you can let Steve do the teaching for you.You don’t have to wrack your brains, see how much you have remembered or how rusty your maths is.

You also have your instruction manual with you and I would advise that you read the couple of pages pertaining to that lesson before you have the lesson in the parent book. It gives you more than what is on the DVD and you end up being smarter than Steve in the children’s eyes, as you have more background and can help the children, it is really really hand holding stuff. Even if you can’t, because you are busy with languages with the other children, you can actually allow them to do this independently if need be. Steve would not like to hear me saying this as he wants the parent or carer involvement but I am just thinking of the realities in an orphanage.

It is the same story as before, you place each individual child in the level that is appropriate to them by doing the assessments on the site. Does it matter if “Vernon’s” maths is strong or weak, you place him in relation to his test results on the colour book that he is suited to, just the same principal as the language program. It doesn’t matter about the grade or how long it takes, he is just doing Gamma!

The Maths program is pretty self explanatory, you have the parent book or your instruction book, the student book, and then your test book. The test book is once they have finished a particular lesson, it could take a week tor two tor three days, it depends on the lesson and the child. Once they have finished the lesson they do the test.

The thing that I can emphasis most about Math-U-See is that if they only get half of the test right, don’t move onto the next lesson. If they only understand half of the work what is the point of going on to the next level? Let it take the time that it needs to, come alongside them, watch the DVD again and do it with them until they have understanding. If they are doing the test and just flying through it, then they can just carry on without much involvement from you. They are managing on their own, the test is basically your guide to measure how your child is going and what they have learnt.

Again when they get to the end of the Maths book they are not going to get a Grade Level Test, they are going to get a certificate at the end of the book that says “Congratulations you have reached the level of……and can move on to the next level.” That is their certificate and if you need certificates as far as Government is concerned, or your sponsors need to know what the children are learning, these are your certificates. They can go to the Oikos website and see that we don’t require certificates because God does not need a certificate for you to enter into Heaven, what He needs is to be able to see that you have surrendered your life. The life that He created to give to you, for you to give back to Him, that is your ticket to heaven. That is what He is interested in your life, so that is what you are interested in, in the children, you are interested in giving them these skills to help them to be effective in the service to God in their particular purpose or calling.

So if Government is wanting to know whether they are actually getting educated adequately, then you can show them that these resources are to help officials to be assured that the children are actually getting an education. You can keep the certificates at the back of their books and you can put it into the children’s files and you can be confident yourself. You can say “Oh yes, we are definitely covering the Maths and the language, we are getting their numeracy and literacy covered that is our focus.”
You are also covering all the other social studies, geography, history and science in KONOS and Maths and Language, you can get their file out and it will have their certificates in it.

You need to be confident in what you are doing for those children when outsiders come and question you, you are confident that you are doing well, that you are doing what God wants you to do and that you are satisfied. Then you can show them what the children are doing. Confidently. That is how I would suggest you set the minds of the outsiders at rest, outsiders that are interested in what you are doing and have a whole lot of red tape and stipulations that are not necessarily in the interests of the child.

The officials are just doing their job, they need to know that the children are being cared for adequately. They need to hear from you that you are doing your job and that you are doing it exceptionally well, with excellence. That is what they need to know.

You are taking care of the children who do not have parents to fend for them, and it becomes a State problem or concern, are those children really being cared for? If they can be assured yes they are being cared for, hygiene, beds, food, warmth and education and this is how. If they can get that assurance then no more questions are asked.

When Children’s Homes are insecure in their delivery to these officials, that is when the officials will find it a problem, as they have reason for their concern. People are doing a good job out of the goodness of their hearts and you need to be supported in that.

The Bookkeeping you can read about on the website. I believe this would be very useful for anyone over the age of 16, to teach them to be good stewards of finances. It teaches them about bank statements and balances, balance sheets, budgeting and everything to do with finances. It comes in a parent manual and student book.

There are a few other helpful resources that go with the Maths, there is a song book that teaches them with songs multiplication, so it is easy to memories, and the fraction overlays are a massive help to the teacher and the student as it brings it all together, it is a huge aid. You might need more than one set and they need to be looked after carefully. In Maths you should not use the program without the manipulative’s, they are not nice to have’s they are must have’s.