Do you know the McGuffey readers? McGuffey readers were used 100 years ago as the only “teaching to read” program in America. They used them in the Prairie region.
The first reader takes the child on a journey of reading a few little lines. The first lesson is very short, then it is the end of this story and then you go to the next.

These were very scientifically put together (that might not be the right word) but the space between each word, each letter is specific, the vocabulary used in them are the 300 most commonly used words, followed by the next 600 most commonly used words, all mathematically, scientifically (I can’t find the right word) planned.

The child starts at the First Reader and then goes up to the next book, which is on the next level, incrementally inching up. You can be assured that between the books there is not a big jump and that the child will be able to read on.

When they start you can start them on the First book even if they are older, if they whizz through this first book you know that the child can use all the most commonly used English words. At the end they start introducing comprehension and spelling, but as we use the Phonetic Spelling kit for that, these Moor McGuffey readers are more for pleasure and enjoyment.

You have a time when you sit and read a story to the children, well, there needs to be a time when they come and sit and read to you. Each child I would think , should have their own Moore McGuffey, but if it is too costly, then they can find it in the library and come and read to you the parent/helper/teacher or whoever. They read the little story to you, how long will that take? It may take a while if they are stumbling over the words initially.

When they have finished the first book they move on to the next book. They are called Moore McGuffey readers because McGuffey wrote them over 100 years ago and then the Moore’s put them into a more modern format. So then the child will move on to the Second Reader, the Third Reader and then the Fourth Reader.

If you try to read the Fourth Reader you will find that you almost need a University degree to read it. It is complex, high level literature.

Each one of the stories are Christian moral based, they are not just random “cat sat on the mat” stories for the sake of teaching language. They are a very valuable collection for your library.

I have already suggested to you what you need to have to teach the children, The Bible, KONOS, etc., but now I am showing you the “nice to have’s” and the aids and support to you, so that we can get this “Heaven in your children’s home” picture.

Everything is rich and enriched with His Word, even LLATL uses Bible passages or good literature in examples and studies. The could be copying out scripture when they are working in their LLATL book, it is not just a language program.