So now, let me show you about the language, it is very straightforward and simple.
You decide on the website which is the right level for your student, each and every individual child in your children’s home. They get their student book, you get your parent manual which tells you Day 1, this is the the lesson, here are the instructions, presuming you haven’t actually been educated as a teacher. This is written for a Mom who feels very insecure about teaching because she has forgotten all her grammar. The parents who wrote this, presume the parent teaching does not fully understand what they are doing so it is written to help, in a friendly and helpful manner. The student book; the student just progressively works through the book, page by page, some students will do three pages a day, others will do half a page, some might not to be able to do any at all. If they do find it too difficult then you need to go down to the level before.

As a Children’s Home all you need is one parent book. You then get one student book for each and every child. You only need one of the readers in the set of four and you put those into the Children;s Home library. Now you have got four perhaps, at one reading level, so now you might think you have a problem. All you do is have one reading one book, while another is reading one for the others. Some people panic and say but the book study is for a specific book and we are at the beginning of the book, so we all need that, but it does not matter, you don’t have to go in the order of the page numbers, you can skip to another section. All the children can work with the books they have in the different sections. That is why you don’t have to buy a whole lot of sets of the readers.

Once you have finished the Purple Books you move on to the next which is Tan. It might take one child a year to go through a book, or six months, does it matter? No! Does he write an exam or test at the end of the book? No! At the end of the book he will have done all the lessons in the book and he moves up to a higher level, as simple as that. If it takes eighteen months or two years? Well, it might take a long time because he is lazy and then you have to address that, and ask him if he wants to be able to communicate with people at a higher level? Write a good letter? Because if you do, you are going to be 25 by the time you can do that if you move too slowly. So encourage him, and be his cheer leader to move on through the levels of the books. Let him see the bigger picture, not just that he has to do this now because it is the end of the year.

Don’t put these books into years, starting in January and going through to December, let each individual child move through the books at the speed they need. If they are lagging because they are lazy, well then you need to encourage them, and get them to speed up, but if they are experiencing difficulties let them go at the pace they need to go.

Is this enough as far as language is concerned, I would think so, considering it is Gold Award winning, considering it is grammar, spelling, poetry, research paper. They have encompassed everything into the one program, so that you don’t have to run around and look for a spelling program, a writing program and all the others. It is all here, that would be enough.

We do however have aids because, now you have a child is really battling with his spelling and you are struggling to get it right, you don’t have time, as you have all the other children and you don’t know how to attend to this issue? So you get Excellence in Spelling these are audio discs and there are cards that go with them, so they put in the CD and they listen to it. “Brian- B, R, A, I, N , Brain, we use our brain to spell, Brain…and it says that over and over. The man that wrote that designed it to go in a sequential order and to be repeated over and over. Children’s Home helpers, parents, who-ever you are, find it very difficult to find the time to do that, hence Excellence in Spelling. You can buy the sets individually, or you can buy the complete set of Level A. B and C. It is more expensive to buy the individual sets, so a Children’s Home should buy one complete set and look after it carefully. So a child with a problem in spelling knows he can go to the spelling desk at a special time, plug in the CD and do his spelling, then the next child can go and so-on.

If you have one spelling kit for the children’s home you can manage it, it will need some planning and management but it is do-able. Another children’s home may have a set for each child and then the child has to be responsible for it and can do it in his own time. It all depends on sponsorship, funds, and what is affordable and what is not. Either way you can make it work, but it will eliminate the spelling problems. Dyslexia can be improved by this, when our daughter did this program (she has dyslexia) she found the consistency of it made a huge improvement, but it did not cure the dyslexia. It was an aid to help.

Excellence in Writing comes with a parent book, but more applicable in the Children’s Home situation is the Teaching Writing Structure and Style Course. Once you as the teacher have been through this course, you will be equipped to help the children, in whatever they are doing when it comes to writing, whether they are going to put on a drama, or LLATL asks them to write a poem and they hit a block and cant get over their fear of poetry. This course helps you help them to get over their fear, it gives you the tools to help the children, to achieve on a writing level, this literally makes them fly.

I had a son who, when asked to write a story about visiting the beach wrote, “We went to the beach, we had fun.” I asked my daughter the same question and well…. “ It was early in the morning and the sun was just peeping up through the trees and ta , ta , ta , ta ,ta… “ She is dyslexic and you can hardly read what she is writing, but she has written pages and pages, before she even tells us we are getting into the car. We have exams from here and so I used this resource to teach her, to consolidate and be more concise and our son to go beyond a five word sentence. It was very difficult to get him to write more than a five word sentence. His thinking was totally differently. He said we have had the fun now, why do we have to write about it? I don’t know how to put my thoughts down on paper so why do it? We did the Excellence in Writing program with him and he started doing reams of writing, because the man who delivers this, is so passionate about it and he gives them the tools, like giving an artist the paint and the paintbrush, and a master coming alongside the children and showing them how to paint. It is very inspiring and motivating.

For a children’s home I would suggest the teachers get the teachers course and apply that instead of getting the individual levels A,B and C for the children. However having started on the Teachers manual you might decide to start by getting level B and getting all the children together and apply the exercise’s with all the children.

Poetry memorisation is just for fun and developing poetry skills, you might like to add this to your library and then you have this skill to offer children for life.