God’s heart in Oikos is ultimately to care for the children. So you have some parents doing a very good job of that and fulfilling their mandate and you have others that are absent, and you have others that are neglectful, others that are irresponsible and so the children suffer.
God still wants those children taken care of, just because the parents are absent or unable to care for them, or deceased or what-ever, does not mean that the child has to be without parental love. Parental love is an example of His love, love from adults passed through to the children. So, you, looking after orphanages, you are being their parents, to God, and ultimately He wants those children loved, whether this is from their own parents that birthed them of from another parent. God wants the same thing accomplished and He wants those children loved, and He wants them cared for, and He wants them to know about Him because He created them. He created them for a very specific purpose, and that is to know Him, to be used by Him and to be a servant to Him, to have surrendered lives to Him. That is what He wants done, so whether it is the parents doing it or an orphanage, or educated people like yourselves, whose hearts have gone out to these children and are stepping into the gap and being what God wants done, doing it.

All Oikos does is provide the resources that enable you to achieve that. First, love the children, care for them. At end of the day if you have got to that point and you have an eighteen year old who has come to that point, she, or he, has come to know God as the Creator of the Universe. She/he has come to understand the Word of God, has come to Love the Word of God and this (The Word) be her/his all-in-all and she/he knows that for everything in life, the Bible becomes her/his manual or torch (whatever you would want to call it). It does not matter if she has gone as far as calculus or multiplication in her Maths. It is not relevant to God, what is relevant to God is where her heart commitment is with Him, does he/she know Him, can she or he serve Him now ? Is he or she equipped?

So what I am asking you now is, are you helping the children in your orphanage to serve God or are you educating them so that they can get a matric? So that they can get Grade 12? So they can get matric, so are you going to spend all your time and knowledge into getting them to study and learn and so they can get educated? For what? For the world? Or rather take time to consider Him.

I am going to get to the importance of education in a little while, but I am saying to you, the heart of God, in Oikos, is to say that the primary importance to Him is that they are loved and adored and taught for Him. That is what matters to Him, more than anything else, because once they reach adulthood and they really have a very low level of maths and language education, God might say, I need you to go and work in that orphanage over there where they also don’t have any parents?

I am going to ask those of you serving in the orphanages, does it matter to God what the level of your education is, that enables you to serve in this orphanage? What you needed first and foremost was your hearts, and a heart that was passionate and following Him, to serve in the orphanage. Did he check with you your level of science education to see if He could use you ? Did He reject you because you don’t have your Grade 12 science? Do you see my point, here He is using a young woman to serve Him in an orphanage to love and care for children who would otherwise not know Him. Not have an opportunity to come to know Him.

So you see it helps to educate them and then He can utilise us on more levels if we have more skills, clearly I am not disputing that at all, but I am just placing, as primary focus what is most important to God. I am putting the focus on what God’s calling is to this Ministry, Oikos, so I really want to encourage and strengthen you today in God’s encouragement of what He needs you to do in these orphanages and others like them. Go and love them, go and spend time with the children who don’t have parents and love them, teach them of Him, spend time with them and pray with them, and love them, and love them. When you have spent your day loving them start the next and love them, that is what God wants done.If they have problems and issues and all kinds of things, love them, because loving them will heal them, that is where the healing is going to come. Lots and lots of loving, broken little children, does He want them hurting? Does He want them broken, was it His plan for them to be hurting as they are? Definitely not, so then you step in, helping as you are , healing. Being His healer, through His Sprit and His Heart, just loving those children.

Press on doing that and go home and love the children.

Before you do go home I am going to share some resources with you that will help you to achieve this effectively.