00:10 Neville Wood: Hello, I’m Neville. I have a lovely wife called Pat. And we’ve lived together, been married to, I wouldn’t say lived together because lived together sounds too worldly and what’s happening in the world today. But a lovely wife of 66 years, and through the ups and downs of life. Fortunately, we produced three boys between us. Greg is the eldest, Clive is the second, and Barry was the youngest. Unfortunately, he had an accident when he was 21 and he went to be with the Lord. But my family is very important to me. Oh, important to both of us because having been married for 70 years, you don’t live separate lives. It’s a joint effort, and we’ve learned many lessons over this journey. I appreciate that now I have grandchildren. My sons got married to beautiful ladies. Clive married late and got an adopted daughter, Emma. I have Jaime and Missy who have been part of our life. It just happened that these past few weeks, I’ve been reading one of Sonia’s books on Healing Love, and getting an insights into the journey that they’ve taken, Greg and Sonia.

01:58 Neville Wood: The tremendous journey that they took with the two, the illnesses of Missy and the brittle bones (osteogenesis imperfecta) of Jamie. And I just saw a family that has moved together. It’s quite a phenomenal experience to reminisce on these things. And also because of the recent happenings. You go on life’s journey and you think everybody tells you you’re looking good at 90, and you did a little bit of pride sometimes, and think you’re someone. I’m not such a bad chap, but then the Lord comes and I thank God for the way that He would… Because without God in my life, I don’t think our marriage would have lasted the 66 years that it has, and that the joy that we’ve experienced with our walk with the Lord. But then all of a sudden, illness strikes and we’ve had quite a bit of illness this year. We had to stay in the hospital for 11 days, and still a few queries to be answered there which we are trusting the Lord for. But then all of a sudden, I got this what I thought was bronchitis and felt really terrible, and found myself collapsing in the bathroom twice and in the lounge once thinking that it was just one of the weakness from the fever or the flu or whatever I had.

03:36 Neville Wood: I’m not quite sure what was happening except that I couldn’t get up off the floor. That was quite something. Eventually between… The first time, Pat and I somehow… I managed it on the first time, and between Pat and I, we got myself on my feet. But the third time, we had to call Clive and Joanne to help us. And off course I said, “You should have seen the doctor. You’re going to the doctor tomorrow.” Even Joanne wanted to send us to the emergency at night. So we prevailed on it to just to live us with… We got me to bed and I wake up in the morning and we made an appointment with the doctor. And then of course she took a look at me and said, “Oh, I don’t like what I’m seeing. I think you’re verging on pneumonia and your place is in hospital.” Not the news I wanted to hear. I was just thinking I was gonna get an antibiotic and be on my way. But nevertheless, we wound up in hospital.

04:41 Neville Wood: And then the physician that was attending to us did a few tests, and then he took an ECG, and the next morning, and then he didn’t like what he saw in the ECG. He called in the cardiologist, and the cardiologist did his tests over the next course of a few days. And woe and behold, he says my heart was a little bit damaged. Actually, very badly damaged. But that I would have to have an angiogram but she couldn’t do until they cleared up my physical problem. And the physician that was attending to me said that he took lots of blood tests and eventually came up with the fact that it was influenza. He got the right antibiotic, and the cardiologist that said that he couldn’t do anything until the influenza been cleared up. So he arrives to do that on, I think it was the Wednesday morning, for an angiogram. And I went in and saw all these wonderful apparatus and this camera. And its floating around, and at the corner of my eye I saw a bit of the screen and what was happening, but didn’t understand a word.

06:11 Neville Wood: And when he had finished he said, and while he was doing it he was making observations, “That’s gone, that’s gone.” So eventually to cut a long story short, we finished the angiogram and then he came back in the afternoon, he gave me the report that my heart was, there were blockages. And he showed me the pictures of the, which I didn’t profess to understand they were some black marks, specks of bigger black marks. He explained that some arteries had disappeared somewhere, but basically that I would need a stent, and he suggested that we call everybody in the family together. And we all went to his rooms and he told us the risks that were involved and he said there were three options. One was to do nothing, the second one was to go and have the stent put in, and the third was to go the full hog for the bypass. Which he said with my age and with the invasive surgery that it would involve, that wasn’t, he wouldn’t suggest that part. And we would have to make a decision, whether to have the stent. All the options, of course, had the risk. If we did nothing, I could have a heart attack and he says that would definitely be it. The stent he explained that they would have to clear a blockage completely, where the artery wasn’t working. Clear the blockage and put the stent in. But doing that there was the danger that when they withdrew the probe, that bits and pieces could fly off and could even cause a heart attack or a stroke while I was at the table.

08:23 Neville Wood: So there was that tremendous risk of dying in the theater, but we all sat together. Clive was there, and mom was there, and our friend Jeane who is the sister at the complex, the retirement village. And everyone seemed to be of the opinion that the stent was the way to go. So we all came back to the ward with Jeane. And I couldn’t get over the peace that I had in my heart. It could only have come from God because I’m a natural worrier but I had an enormous peace, that what ever decision we eventually decided on, God would be in it, and I would have no fear. And I also want to give thanks to my family, and our fellowship with Sonia. Everybody that the prayers were going up, I’m sure it was only the prayers that gave me that peace in my heart, and that I’ve still got. And that’s the journey this far. Thank.