00:11 Neville Wood: Well, here I am, Neville Wood, proud father, and grandfather of families, has a dear wife that’s supported me for many, many years, 66 to be exact. And the amazing thing is that having a family you have responsibilities and you have obviously a care for your family, and as most people know Greg and Sonia had a tremendous time with illness to their two children and they had to go to the route of educating them at home because of Missy’s circumstances and Jamie’s circumstances and unfortunately, looking back, they shielded us, an awful lot, from what was happening. I’ve just been reading Sonia’s book, ‘Healing Love’ again and I’ve read things there that we were just unaware of. We just didn’t know that these things were taking place. Maybe they should have shared them with us, maybe we could have given more support. But we always supported them with our prayers. And we thank the Lord that he was in their lives.

01:30 Neville Wood: They were fully committed to serving the Lord as well as serving the community and the people. And eventually that led to the homeschooling. Initially, I think our attitude was like most parents. “What about the children? How are they going to integrate? How are they going to learn to live with other people and how are they going to get to know the world as it is?” And we had all those doubts and fears, but over the years, we supported Greg and Sonia as much as we could, and thanks to Sonia’s mum and dad, who I think gave them the greatest support, because they were closer to Sonia than we were.

02:14 Neville Wood: But anyhow over the years, we got a very much better understanding of what homeschooling was about. And the proof of this came to us very strongly at Missy’s 21st birthday party when we saw all these young people and their parents and how they integrated together. There was harmony, there was no sort of anything adverse really, and it made a tremendous impression on me that here were these families, some had finished their schooling and had made professions for themselves and were going on for different jobs. And we were so proud that we had been a part of that journey and were able to share Missy’s 21st.

03:12 Neville Wood: So we’ve learnt a lot over the years, come to an understanding that homeschooling, when we see the schools in the state they are today, we can only say that to us the advantages of homeschooling, I would say, would overrule the standard education system. So we’re still on that journey. We have now grown up grandchildren. One’s who are now making me face the camera, which I don’t want to do, and a lovely young lady over there who’s got a lovely husband, something that we never thought was ever gonna be possible. Oh, just to say that the Lord is good. He does wonderful things and may his name be praised.