00:16 Sonja: So now we’re back. Lopke’s joined us here with Angela. And Angela went and sat there in her chair and she is going to listen to what Lopke’s got to share with her. And then I hear the ladies talking to each other and my ears are nearly falling off actually. I’m in quite a bit of shock at the moment because two of the moms sitting over there were discussing how the system told them… I’m going to say this, even though it’s so shocking. But the system told them that they had to… I don’t know if they said by law or… That it’s illegal, was the words I heard. Correct? It’s illegal to not give your child the medication that the school is saying they need. Well, I just wanna say that I think that is nonsense. First of all, I don’t see anywhere in the law that it should tell any parent that… It’s just not. It can’t be in the law, that. It couldn’t be. If it is, somebody can, who is watching out there or lawyer or whoever, can ever tell me and show me and put me right. But what I’m concerned about is parents do as they’re told, without checking the law. Like you have to be a teacher to home educate. It doesn’t say that in the law anywhere. But somebody tells them that you can’t home educate if you’re not a qualified teacher. It’s not in the law. It doesn’t say that in the law. So I just wanna say to parents, please check the law. Excuse me.


01:38 Sonja: Angela’s story just now, just about had me in pieces. It was so sad and now Becky’s. [laughter] I want to ask you parents to please, please, don’t just go with what somebody out there, because they’re official or they’re authority or they’re whatever, and they say to you, “You’ve got to do this.” I was using that story earlier on when it came to licenses. Just because the media out there at the moment is saying in this country that we need to have certain licenses for certain things, to do certain things. It’s not actually… What do you call it, gazetted or legalized or anything. It’s just media. So please be responsible parents and don’t just do what the authority says that it’s illegal for you not to give your child this medication. I don’t know that there’s a law that says that anywhere. I really don’t think there is such a law. As I say, I stand here to be corrected, but I hope there isn’t, because it’s a parent’s right to choose.

02:33 Sonja: I know with all of our situations with Missy with her health. We were told she has to have a bone marrow transplant. She has to have. We said, “Well excuse me. God has to tell us that she has to have a bone marrow transplant. You can’t, the doctor, say to us, ‘She has to have this. ‘Cause if you don’t sign here, she’s going to die. So you have to sign here.’ No, no. We’ve gotta check with God.” She never got a bone marrow transplant. But she had to have one according to the medical profession. So yes, hear them. They’re specialized, they know what they’re talking about. But as a parent, you’ve gotta take it to God and check, what is he saying for that child? Now, you were saying that your child was in a special school. Have I got that right? And the authority was telling you one way and you were saying, “No, I don’t have peace about that.” And you and your husband chose to not go with what was being told to you, that if you don’t do it, it’s illegal or whatever. Then I asked Angela back here again to come sit with Lopke because she was busy telling the moms over there, things that she left out of her sharing.


03:41 Sonja: So what did you leave out, that I asked you to come back.

03:42 Angela: It’s just that Dix was battling with maths, and one of the things that when he was in school, obviously, we thought… It’s just a thing of letting go of words that were spoken and that kind of thing as well. One of his teachers in grade R said, “He’s really struggling. He’s probably just gonna be good with his hands.” And that’s something that kind of… And then with him being in remedial, I thought, “Oh, you know, shame, if he’s struggling with maths now, it’s possibly because he does have this learning issue or what have you.” And we’ve actually found an amazing maths tutor who has helped him, and she’s discovered that he’s actually brilliant at maths. And with him being so brilliant at music, maths and music go together. So, yes he’s amazing with his hands with the drums but… [laughter]

04:35 Sonja: But he doesn’t have a maths problem?

04:37 Angela: No problem.

04:38 Sonja: That’s the thing.

04:39 Angela: Yeah, so it’s just letting go of that, of what people have said as well and…

04:46 Sonja: So on that, let’s be careful to not take words as though they are Gospel, ’cause there is only one Gospel. There is only one truth. We can’t take words of men and take them as Gospel and put ourselves into bondage. I know I’m sounding like all dramatic now, but the point is you were in bondage. You were bound to the words that had been spoken into your ears about your sons. And now you’re free from that. And now you’re seeing that the problems you were told that didn’t sit well with your heart, you just didn’t feel like, “No, that’s not actually the case.” Now you have freedom from that and now your sons are able to grow into the fullness of who they are. Did I get that right?

05:24 Angela: Awesome. Absolutely.

05:25 Sonja: Wonderful.

05:26 Angela: Thank you.

05:26 Sonja: Is there anything else you left out?

05:27 Angela: No.


05:29 Sonja: You wanna go now?


05:29 Sonja: Okay. [laughter] No, you may go. [laughter] So here we have Lopke. She was sitting here a moment with Angela, but Angela has run away, and she’s over there, hiding in a corner.


05:42 Sonja: Thank you Angela. That was very, very valuable. And so now, Lopke you have a story to tell us?

05:46 Lopke: I do. And I’m gonna start off by saying that I have totally loved this morning. It has just been so encouraging. [chuckle] And my home-schooling story only started about five years ago, although I’ve got much older children, the oldest being 16, 14, 11, and then we’ve got our little two-year-old. So before I started home-schooling, I only had the three, and they were in school, and I had no intention to home-school. And they were happy, and everybody was doing well. And my eldest son was in a remedial unit the same as Declan and we had him on meds, and I was fine with it. And my husband had said to me years before, “Lopke what about home-schooling?” And I was, “Hmm, no. I can’t do it, it has to be somebody who’s studied.”

06:50 Sonja: ‘Cause you weren’t equipped and you weren’t a teacher.

06:53 Lopke: Yes. I can’t do…

06:54 Sonja: You weren’t patient, and you didn’t have…

06:54 Lopke: Zach has got problems.

06:56 Sonja: And what about these reports as well, don’t forget about that. What about that?

06:56 Lopke: Yes, yes, of course. So anyway, it was no, a definite no-no. And there was a friend of mine that did home-schooling, and I thought to myself, “I don’t know how she does it, she’s crazy.” [chuckle] And home-schooling wasn’t strange to me because my aunt had home-schooled her three children since the beginning and so I knew all about it. But in my heart, it wasn’t… I wasn’t ever going to do it. And then one Sunday morning I’m sitting in church, and it was like God took my heart and he just changed it completely. It was a switch. It’s the only way I can explain it, that it was a complete heart change. And it was, “What about home-schooling? And it was like, “I’m going to home-school,” you know?

07:47 Sonja: Maybe it was, “Why am I not home-schooling?”

07:50 Lopke: Exactly!

07:50 Sonja: “What’s wrong with me?”

07:52 Lopke: And I sort of remember Angela saying to me that very Sunday morning saying, “You know, I’m thinking about home-schooling.” And I was like, “Me too!”


08:02 Lopke: “I’m gonna do this!” And I went home and I said to my husband, “We’re gonna home-school.” And he was like, “That’s wonderful, but we need to do our research.” And so, you know when you get on the Internet?

08:13 Sonja: I’ve heard, yes.

08:15 Lopke: Yes. There’s lots you can research.

08:18 Sonja: Not in my day. In my day, we didn’t even have Uncle Google.

08:21 Lopke: Oh, you didn’t have Uncle Google. Well, we’ve got…

08:23 Sonja: I had my Bible and not a single other home educator to be seen on this planet. I mean, not the planet, I mean continent.

08:30 Lopke: Yes. [chuckle]

08:30 Sonja: This continent. They were there in the other continents apparently.

08:35 Lopke: Yes.

08:35 Sonja: But I hadn’t met them or any such thing.

08:38 Lopke: Couldn’t talk your mind and thing.

08:40 Sonja: But I was blessed. I was blessed. I didn’t have to go…

08:41 Lopke: I think that is a blessing, really.

08:43 Sonja: It was a huge blessing.

08:43 Lopke: Because when you’re online, it’s all… You’ve got a gazillion choices to make.

08:49 Sonja: And how do you know what to do? You just pray.

08:51 Lopke: Well, yeah, actually, I bought all of them.


08:57 Sonja: It was a mistake wasn’t it?

09:00 Lopke: It was. It was a mistake!

09:00 Sonja: Yeah, shame, sorry.

09:00 Lopke: And I also did the school room…

09:00 Sonja: Some lessons are painful, costly ones.

09:00 Lopke: Costly, yeah. Anyway…

09:02 Sonja: You did the school room, too. So you tried to do the stuff the school into the home thing.

09:02 Lopke: Well that’s the mentality you have. When you’re in the system that’s what you know.

09:13 Sonja: It’s all you know, that’s your reference.

09:14 Lopke: So, yeah, that’s what you do.

09:16 Sonja: School is school. School is there in the building or here at home.

09:17 Lopke: Yeah, I didn’t have a bell, so I wasn’t ringing a bell at least. But we were working according to a clock and… That lasted for maybe three months.


09:29 Sonja: And then what? So it wasn’t longer than that?

09:30 Lopke: So it was back woo-hoo! Freedom!


09:30 Lopke: It was lovely.

09:36 Sonja: How did the freedom come?

09:37 Lopke: I don’t know. But I can just say that when God does the work, He does it properly. There’s sort of no holding back, there’s…

09:44 Sonja: No half measure.

09:45 Lopke: No. So, yeah. I love my life. Maybe I’m deluded, but this is…


09:52 Lopke: The best decision I have ever made. It’s… And then…

09:57 Sonja: Are your children happy?

10:00 Lopke: Yes. And you know what? My eldest son, because they were so happy in school, and he was like, “Mum please, please, I don’t wanna do home-schooling,” and then maybe [chuckle] about three or four months into it, he said… One morning he woke up he said, “Mom, I had a nightmare.” I said, “What was it?” And he goes, “I dreamt I had to go back to school.”


10:21 Lopke: And it was a nightmare for him. So I took that as a really good sign that this was like the perfect choice for us. And it was God, that’s definitely, I can say, because it was just that one Sunday morning and it was a complete, “You’re gonna do this and you’re gonna love it.” And I do. It’s fabulous. I can’t understand why not everybody does it.

10:46 Sonja: Well, they used to be where you were.

10:47 Lopke: Yeah, that’s right. Shame.


10:50 Sonja: And how is it now? Do you have any struggles, or is life just a party?

11:00 Lopke: We’re very real. [chuckle] We’ve got four children now, and I always say that Sammy is my product of home-schooling. If we didn’t home-school, I probably wouldn’t have had him, you know. So he’s been just so delightful because he’s been such a learning curve for all of us. The kids have thoroughly enjoyed having him, and he’s a real blessing too. [chuckle] And yeah, the kids, they’re kids, they’re children and there’s squabbling and fighting and, “This is my space”, and, “You’re sitting on my chair.” But…

11:38 Sonja: You smile.

11:39 Lopke: Yeah. I try.


11:42 Lopke: Most of the time, not always, sometimes I also frown a bit, but it’ll come right. [chuckle]

11:50 Sonja: So, but just generally, you’re just loving it? You say you love your life, you love what you’re doing. You love…

11:55 Lopke: Absolutely. Absolutely. I couldn’t imagine…

11:56 Sonja: And the struggles are sort of in the shadows, as it were.

12:01 Lopke: Yes. It’s been so lovely, because I don’t have a worry about the future. And it has been a progress, I know ’cause…

12:09 Sonja: Did you used to worry?

12:10 Lopke: Yes, I did.

12:10 Sonja: And now you don’t.

12:10 Lopke: No.

12:11 Sonja: And is it better now that you don’t?

12:14 Lopke: Absolutely. Because I know that God has created them for their purpose. And their purpose will come to be, if they are living according to His will. And so I just… I don’t worry about it. Because I know that God has got it sorted out.

12:33 Sonja: Wonderful. God has got it sorted. I think this is a wonderful conclusion to our morning together. God has got it sorted, and why worry?

12:40 Lopke: Why worry? For sure.

12:43 Sonja: Life’s a party. Make the most of it.

12:45 Lopke: Yes.

12:46 Sonja: Have fun, enjoy it.

12:46 Lopke: Smile.

12:46 Sonja: Joy is our strength.

12:47 Lopke: Yes, yes, for sure. [chuckle]

12:52 Sonja: Thank you. Thank you, Lopke.

12:52 Lopke: Thank you.

12:53 Sonja: So now, why don’t we do something unusual, and why doesn’t everybody just come here. And you can all say goodbye to everybody that’s been… Here’s more ladies.

[background conversation]


13:15 Sonja: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. So here these eight ladies are, thank you for coming. Look at them, they’re all smiling.


13:25 S4: Had so much fun.

13:27 Sonja: We’ve had a wonderful time, and I’m going to ask all of you to let us know if this was great, good, if you enjoyed it? And if you did, let us know and comment. Comment down here, that’s what they do.


13:40 Sonja: Place your comments.

13:44 Sonja: ‘Cause we’ll put this on Facebook, on Oikos Facebook page, so you ladies are all gonna be famous, okay? So get ready. So what we all are just moms at home, loving our children, trying to be obedient to God. Keep smiling, keep strong, and have a party, alright? And I’m sure all of you, those of you who’ve been watching this, I’m sure you’ve all picked up some or other little gem along the way. And please let us know how it was. I’m sure you’d like to know if this has been helpful to people.

14:12 Sonja: So, do give us feedback, so we can encourage all these moms to come back again, ’cause we wanna do a follow-up. You’re gonna come back for a follow-up?

14:20 Sonja: We’re gonna hear their stories unfold. We’ll hear about how Ruben’s doing in the Mauritius?

14:26 Sonja: And we will hear all the other stories. We’ll start with you again, and just keep on going.


14:32 Sonja: You moms out there, did actually ask for this. You said you wanted to hear from more people. Apparently, I’m a legend.


14:40 Sonja: So you’ve heard enough of the legend now, I would imagine, and now… So I brought some new young… Youngest of them all is Zilla over there, with your little five and four, five and three and two. So we’ve got lots more to hear from you, as well. So thank you for watching all of these ladies sharing with you, thank you for your time and sitting, watching. I hope all of you have made time to watch some of the other videos that we made for you.

15:00 Sonja: Like Granny Oikos.


15:02 Sonja: We hope so. Okay, so say goodbye to everybody.

15:04 Group: Bye.