Although we have an overview of the LLATL series, on the Oikos online store, I am brushing over it here, incase you haven’t visited that, so that you can get the big picture before we dive into the finer details.

Let me start by showing you where we start, that is the Blue Book. This Blue book set is a comprehensive guide to teaching a child to read, we presume the child has not read it’s first letter yet. The pack contents are detailed on the online store, but as a parent if you are wanting to know what LLATL is or where to start, teaching a child (or even an adult ) how to read, then this is where to start. This is presuming the child/adult has not yet learnt to read, it is a comprehensive program. In it is a parent book, a student book, cards, little beginner readers advancing the person step by step.

Once the parent has achieved teaching the child to read using the Blue book you are now ready to move on to the Red book, this concentrates on fluency and starts to teach grammar. Again there is a parent book, a student book and all the readers. With the Blue and Red book you will see they come as actual packs with the readers.

From the yellow book on you are going to have four readers per level. So think of these as set books, or novels, or the reader the student needs to accompany the LLATL book. They will be reading these four books as they do that level.

If you are familiar with Oikos you will know by now that we do not go by Grade level but the skill level of each individual as each one is unique.

So you could have a twelve year old doing yellow book, which some people may call Grade 3 as they have done Blue book (Grade1), Red book (Grade 2) and this they might call Grade 3. We call it Yellow book, as you could have a 10 year old using this and you could have a 6 year old using it. It is not about the grade, but more about the individual and the skill level.

The general overview of how the system works is that you have got your Blue and Red which are your foundation, and then you move on to yellow, orange, purple and so on, literally going level by level, increasing the skills and learning abilities and with each level you have the four set readers which I will show you in more detail shortly.

Before leaving the Red and Blue book however you do need to let you know that in addition to the readers and books in the pack, there are a whole lot of lovely classic children’s picture book stories that are used in conjunction with the program. Mom will read one of these stories and there will be some activities and lessons in the child’s workbook that relate to this story. Some Moms feel that they would prefer not to outlay for these books, they are creating themselves more work by doing that, because although they could read another book, they would need to adapt the worksheets to fit that book. It is do-able but generally Moms find they come back and buy the books.

When the child gets to yellow book they will read the accompanying novels themselves so they will clearly be ready to read the student picture books as well.

These are all shown on the website with prices and so-on. Blue and Red are foundation complete kits.

From yellow onwards it is standard, the parent book, the student book and four readers for each level.

The order of the levels is Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Tan, Green, Grey and then Gold, if you went per year you would cover nine years i.e. 9 books to fit into a 12 year period. A Grade 9 student will not cope with Gold, that is for children Grade 12 or 13, which is first year University level. You need to bear in mind that you have 12 years in which to do 9 levels so each one does not have to fill a year. Sometimes the child might race through a book, others they may take more slowly.

I hope you can now hop into the next topic of our workshop with me.