00:05: Now, as far as when do I know if my child is ready for Blue Book or Red Book or Yellow Book and whereabouts can I place? There is the whole assessment placement program on the site, however I can just give a little bit of guidance in that. If your child is reading, beginner reader and can read fluently at a beginner reader level, meaning a little book, that if you gave them a little book from home or from the library and you could see they could manage. The tips on how to assess their reading level is all on the assessments on the site. But this is presuming your child has already learned to read, but they’re at the beginning starting blocks of reading and so they actually know how to because they’ve been taught, either from coming out of school or you’ve taught them, then they would go in at Red Book. Now you might ask what age is that? It could be six and it could be 12, [chuckle] so one can’t actually give an age. It’s all dependent on where their skill currently is with reading. Rather place your child according to their reading level than according to their grammar level, and I’ll tell you why. Because you can always catch up with the grammar.

01:07: So if I’m gonna talk a little bit about placements now, even when it comes to Yellow, Orange, and further on, the way to ascertain where to slot them in is look at the reading books of that particular level and see if that would inspire your child. They’d like to read those books. Even if you have to go down one little level reading, just to make it not too much of a challenge. Don’t worry about the grammar because the grammar keeps repeating and building on itself, so they can always catch up with the grammar.