We now have our patience unit ready, we have taken care of the yellow pages, we have covered the first important pages, the Bible Study, the purchasing of the resources and by now you have spent some time going through the unit looking at all the activities and you have decided which activities you will be doing.

So now we are ready to start the journey of getting the activities done, starting to live and do the activities, keeping the Word of God close at hand and remembering your focus should be to teach your children patience. You are training them to have that in their adult lives to help them serve the Lord.

Practically how do you do this? A general idea follows but this is not prescriptive, each family obviously have their own circumstances so you do need to focus on your family.

As an example you would start you day with the children helping with household chores, Getting themselves presentable, making their rooms presentable, if you are having trouble that and really aren’t getting it right, maybe orderliness would be a Trait to focus on. You can have a lot of fun with orderliness, teaching the children the value of being orderly and how it will help the family be untied and integrated and on board with all getting orderly together.

After you have got your home in order and are ready to start, after breakfast we would suggest you start with a reading from the word, you will read them a little story and possibly use one of the Oikos Bible resources and have a little Bible lesson and pray together. You may use one of the Bible resources available under the Bible category. Explain to the children that you are going to be learning more about patience, we are going to be doing some activities to train us in patience and you are going to be having a lot of fun while we do and discover and learn.

You might then say that before we get into our Konos, we are going to do our language lessons out of the way for today. So you settle down to do language with your little one, while the older one goes to get some tea ready , or the older one helps the younger one, whatever works for your family. So you will spend a little time on language. Remember if the children were at school before you spent a lot of time running back and forth in the car. Now you can spend 10, or 15mins concentrated work with your child doing perhaps a Maths lesson, and then you could move on and do 10 to 15 minutes with the next child, perhaps in Language or perhaps you are all doing Maths sitting around the same table and you are there monitoring and helping them all. It depends on what is right for your family and how many children you have. You could start your day doing the formal study of Maths and Language and that could take from one to three hours, it should not take hours and hours and hours because remember you are doing a lesson a day and it does not take much time to do a page of LLATL and a page of Math-U-See.

If you find your son sitting drawing aeroplanes, as happened with my son, when you go and make the tea. So instead of doing his math lesson he had spend his 20 minutes drawing then I need to come alongside him and say something like “Look, we are not going to be able to get to Konos as early as I thought today because you have not been getting on with your maths.” I must be patient with him and explain to him that God is going to be patient with him as well, and that we all need to exercise and practise our patience but before that he needs to show me that he can do some of these sums. That could be an example of how you would deal with that.

Another example is that if you need to get on with your Konos activities and the children have been wasting your time, you could take the Maths book and say something like “Oh dear, it looks like you have missed out on learning your Maths today because you have wasted the time we set aside for that. So you put it was for that day. Then the next day when you start your Math you could say, “Well I am not sure how we are going to go today but if you waste your time you are not going to learn very much.

This is all about parenting not necessarily Konos but how to handle your formal lessons, how to accomplish them and get them out of the way before you can move on to Konos living.

So you could do your formal lessons and then move on to Konos or you could possible do your Bible study and then