We will make the assumption that you don’t have your manual yet and you don’t know where to start and are not clear about how to begin.

There are 3 Konos Volumes designed for the Junior years, any child from toddlers up to about 14 or 15 years of age. That is the age bracket that this covers, it also covers all your social studies subjects and integrates all your children of different ages. No matter what age your child is, between the ages mentioned above is covered .

You might ask what about History, Geography and all the other subjects that you have in your mind, how that is all integrated into Konos living? We will cover this in detail later on.

For now we will address the question of how to choose the Manual, because there are three, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and the three different colours red, green and yellow. Yellow is no 1, then they continue to Green and finally Red.

How do you assess which order you should do these in? The way to do this is to assess which character traits you would like to address and which volume covers these.

Volume 1’s character traits are :-

Attentiveness Obedience Orderliness Trust Patience Stewardship Honor

Volume 2’s character traits are :-

Inquisitiveness Responsibility Love/Generosity Courage Wisdom

Loyalty Volume 3’s character traits are :-

  • Cooperation
  • Determination
  • Honesty
  • Self-Control
  • Initiative/Resourcefulness
  • Joy/Cheerfulness

So you would look at all these traits and decide which one your family needs. This will depend where your family is at, the ages of your children and what your general situation is at the time.

Volume 1 was written in preparation of little ones e.g. you have to learn to be attentive before you can become obedient. Attentiveness and obedience is going to have to come before trust and honour as a 6 year old will not readily grasp the concepts of trust and honour, so you as a parent, are not going to be teaching them about that when they are 6 but rather concentrate on attentiveness on obedience. So then clearly then, you would start at Volume 1 because that is age appropriate .

You may however have brought your children out of school and they may be 10, 12 and 14 years of age (for example) and you want to get Konos lifestyle going in your home. In this case it might be more appropriate to fit this into what your family is doing, if your family is going on a trip and you are possibly flying, and have a child that is afraid of flying, you might look through the volumes to find out where Trust is and then get that volume (happens to be volume 1) or perhaps you are getting a new pet in the family and you want the children to learn about Responsibility then you would look for that trait and would start with volume 2.

That is how you would establish which of these volumes you need. At Oikos we encourage you to assess where you need to start, what is right for your family.

If you haven’t already listened to the Starting Steps video, and how to assess your children, we would suggest that you visit that course on the Web , entitled “How To” as it will also bring clarity and a better understanding as to why, at Oikos we encourage you to assess and decide where to start with your very unique and special families.

Some parents ask if we get Volume 1 when will I need Volume 2? The answer depends, because if you were to do all the suggested tasks in the first volume it could take you 2 or 3 years to complete. You would only do the activities relevant for the age of your children.

You might only have completed 3 of the traits in Volume 1, but now have a pet coming to join the family, and so then you go and get the Responsibility volume, but now you have finished that but you want to do some teaching on Trust so you come back to the yellow volume. So some families chose to get all 3 at one time and then they can pick and chose the character traits they want to address and hop between the volumes. Others, depending on budget and commitment may get one volume and see how it works for their family before starting the others. We will go in to greater detail as to how long to spend on each one and how long to spend on each trait in another clip.

The Timelines also confuse some, you have Timelines for each volume. The Timelines are the characters which the children cut out and paste onto the wall. It explains in your Konos volume how to do that, you also need the Century lines or strips to put up on the wall. You then start building the timeline by cutting out the figurines that apply to the character trait you are studying and placing them on the timeline. E.g. For attentiveness you might be studying Samuel who was attentive to The Lord and you cut out his picture and place it on the wall in the correct position, this enables your children to get the big overview of history and how each character relates to the others in time.

You would only buy the Century lines once off and use it for all the volumes.