You might have discovered through research and talking to others that there are other Konos products that you don’t see on the Oikos Website. e.g Konos in a Bag and Konos in a Box and you may be wondering why Oikos does not offer these.
Konos in a Bag has a specific theme for each bag, e.g. Russia/Endurance. So you are going to be studying endurance and whilst you are doing that you will also be studying that continent or country, in this case Russia. Inside the bag are a whole lot of resources, which are very similar to those in Konos in a box so we will describe the box.
The box we will explore is the one entitled Orderliness and amongst others, it will cover the following topics :- seasons, planets and plant and animal classification.
Inside the box you will get your Orderliness Manual. It only attends to orderliness and it is all laid out there, Day 1, Week 1 etc., with instructions to the parent on what to do when , why and how.?All in a hand holding supportive way. You might feel nice and comfortable and like this, you wont be nervous. It tells you day by day what to do and how to do it and when.
We will be telling you in this video how to do this using one of the Konos Volumes which include “Orderliness” and why we do not keep in stock the bag or the box. This is because they have taken just one character trait and put it into a book, whereas in the Volumes 1, 2 and 3, each has 7 to 9 character traits. The Konos Volumes will not tell you what to do each day, how to do it and when to do it.
In the box you will get the Timeline characters that correspond to orderliness as you would if you bought the TimeLine characters. You will get tissue paper, a calendar, a world globe (inflatable), in the orderliness box you will also get a small book on insects of North America and another of trees of North America. There are other bits and pieces of crafts for our seasonal tree and some seeds, which may or may not grow in South Africa.
So if you order Konos in a box this is what you would be getting. It will be more expensive than ordering the Konos Volumes doing it by the box and bag method.
We would prefer you to think of it this way. There is no need for you to go and buy a book on trees when we have internet now, or when you might already have one in your home. When we were raising our children doing Konos there was no internet, so we had to go to the Library to get these books. Besides teaching the children about the trees it also taught them how to go to the library and get research material as they needed it. Those skills do change and now it will be a case of teaching your children how to go on line and look for the resources they need there.
We don’t want you to spend a good deal of money getting resources that might not particularly fit your situation, but rather allow you to find and source those resources yourselves with your children, which is what happen when you are using the Konos Volumes.
So yes it is a little more effort on your part and yes, they are not going to arrive neatly packaged with a timetable as to what to do when. We feel your children will miss out a whole lot of learning and experiences using these pre-packaged boxes rather than going out and finding the requirements for yourselves with your children.
We hope this clarifies why we encourage you to use the Volumes which fit your circumstances wherever you are in the world.
The Konos in a bag is very similar to Konos in a box as mentioned already above but have less inserts so it is cheaper than the box.
These are the reasons why we don’t stock Konos in a Box or a Bag as we believe that the Konos Volumes are more fitting to the global situation, however it may work for you and that is great, the decision is obviously entirely up to you.