Oikos as a lifestyle has really been a huge support in my life, especially as, growing up, I can look a little bit back. And now I’m only 18, and so just finishing my last Oikos with the last resources and what have you. But it has been so beneficial in not just teaching you facts and things you have to know, it’s not just your maths, and it’s not just your English, and it’s not just your sciences, it’s actually, it’s a way of life. It’s a lifestyle and it’s training you in the Lord, and that is, it is equipping me in how I need to live, and how I need to go about each day and each decision that I make. And it’s not… It is something that is between me and God, and I’ve got to… I am accountable to the Lord and that He is my guidance and He has a plan for me and that I’ve got to wait on Him and I’ve got to look to Him always. And in that He has a plan, I can walk in it and follow in that. And that is an amazing thing because you can have such contentment and you can have a peace because you know it’s not… You’re not worried about what you’re gonna do next, or what is the next thing that you should be doing according to the world, but rather what God has planned for you. And in His perfect plan, you can walk because he has everything prepared for you. And all you need to do is just wait on Him and be guided by Him. And that is what this Oikos lifestyle is about. It’s not about you. It’s about God.