I would like to encourage you to try not to create too much separation, even as your children get older. I have heard some parents say that when their eldest child moved into young adult life, they became more and more separate from the family. That is perhaps part of growing up, but not to the extent where they close them selves off in their room, closing themselves off from the rest of the family. As our children were growing up I always tried to encourage the children to learn in the lounge where the rest of the family were or go into the garden, we had a place where we could put up hammocks up for the family. We used to go there to discuss what needed to be discussed, or have read aloud time there, or bible study time.
So you are looking at a picture, as a home educator with a mother reading to her children and working with them in their home, rather than a group of lots and lots of children working in a more formal setting.

To try and change this reference of the pictures that you might have in your head, of schooling as you remember it, I am going to show a series of pictures of a different kind (These are all on the video) . Pictures of children sitting colouring in on the kitchen table while you make the tea or cook, or even working on a project on that kitchen table. Another picture shows the family going out on a picnic and as I have mentioned before, learning happens everywhere when you are home educating, you cannot confine it to the building of the school or the classroom, it is happening all the time.

There is a big change that needs to take place in your thinking and the comparing has to stop. You cannot compare what is in your reference with what is going to happen at home, imagine pictures of a Dad teaching his children at the lakeside, children helping Mum plant seeds in the garden, or helping with the cooking, where learning is always taking place. Perhaps the family goes on tour and you might go to a foreign country where the children can learn about different cultures. In a completely different country.

If you have, perhaps a little girl staying at home helping with the new born baby, creating a special bond between them, that would not be happening at school, so please do not fall in to the trap of comparing.

Don’t try to compare your 8 year olds spelling, with that of another 8 year old. Maybe the other child has spelling tests every Friday and the spelling is really drilled and their spelling is really good, but you had a baby and possibly haven’t done all the spelling drill, so you fall into the trap of comparing. Please do not concern yourself with what the spelling abilities are, or are not, and what you are not doing. Rather look at what you are doing and achieving with the home education and stop comparing yourself with others that are doing something differently, it comes back to the apples and bananas. Don’t try and compare yourself with something that is different to what you are doing.