It is no longer a school building, it is home, home education, your home could be in the country, it could be in a town, where-ever it may be you have gone from the public school building to home.
It might be that you used to take your children to school and for part of the day, somebody else was teaching your children. But now you have them at home and you are open all week, all hours of the day, throughout the year, so the picture has immediately changed. It is no longer a school building, it is your home.

Let us take that a little further. Some people are going to commit a room in their home to be the place where home education takes place, but I would prefer to say use you whole home, wherever you are, be it the kitchen, or sitting at the table having a meal or where-ever you are. Your entire world becomes the classroom, the garden, the garage when a project is happening, so I would prefer you take classroom out of your thinking and out of your reference when you are home educating your family.

In our instance we had a little pathway that led us out to this little cabin in the garden, that we used when we wanted to be separated a little. Some people like to separate a little to create routine and structure and there is a danger in that ,if you are trying to copy the school reference in your mind. However I do understand that separation does work for some families.

We had this little cabin in the garden and that is where we went for the purpose, not of creating a classroom, but more for the purpose of setting aside a quiet place where we would not be interrupted by phones, visitors, comings and goings. We could focus on our Bible study there and arts and crafts and really enjoy having some focussed time together.

That was the focus of us spending sometime of our learning day in the cabin, your home library might be there. Your picture of home education might include a library full of books, but your library at home as it starts to grow, will not look like a school library, you can’t have all the books that were in the school library. You can start with a few books and slowly expand . Every book you buy you will add to your home library. Your classroom will look very different and it might even be the children working on their beds, you might not have desks, or perhaps they will be sitting outside at the picnic table working on their laptop, or on their beds or whatever, but it is not the stereotype picture of rows of desks in one room. Maybe a little desk in the corner of the room, it depends on the individual and the student. Some children will like having their own corner and space in which to organise their learning.