So let me take you through a few pictures for us to realise this is where our reference has been and why it needs to change, so that you can see that you have been inclined to compare.
(Sonja then shows a series of schools starting with a country school, then the more traditional school buildings, then a picture of Indian children learning under a tree, then a rural school in a small village, a picture of desks and then a more modern one with cubicles with computers, libraries, school busses or perhaps even school closed signs because of snow or heat.)

These references are all in our minds in one form or another and we tend to fall back on these. I actually think it is quite important to change that reference and get a whole new imagery about what home education is all about, because you have actually taken your children out of that system and brought them out of that way of doing things, into your home where you are going to teach them and raise them. So you are bringing them out of the masses, to a place where you are going to teach them individually and so there is no point in comparing how your own schooling was with what you are doing now, or comparing them with children in your neighbourhood.

You are trying to compare apples with pears, if you are trying to compare home education with schooling, there is no point in comparing them because they are offering different things, an apple and a banana have different nutritional values, you cannot compare them. Yes, they are both fruit as home schooling and traditional schooling are both forms of education but you cannot compare them, there is no point. There is no point in trying to make a banana into an apple, you can’t do that. It is not possible, so lets get way from that trap.

So lets get away from the trap of making something possible that just isn’t possible. Lets me rather show you now the pictures of what I believe parents should have in their minds, especially when they have chosen to home educate their children.

So consider a school of fish and consider those “School Closed” signs and then consider that you as parents are always educating your children, all hours of the week, you don’t stop being a parent.