Hi, today I am going talk to you about comparing. This is a trap that many home educating parents fall into and there is a reason for that, but I am here today to take you on a little journey to show you that firstly I do understand why parents fall into this “trap.” I call it that because that is what it is, we should not be there, it is actually dangerous and does not do any good.
Let me begin by identifying why it is that you fall into this trap. It is because of the reference that you have. I am sure the huge majority of people watching this have themselves not been home educated. So I am talking to the majority, yes there are those that were home educated and they are now parents that are home educating their own children. They are going to be less inclined to fall into the trap. But for the majority of you who weren’t home educated, your reference is that of school. Of classrooms, lots of children, lots of teachers, and peers, and now you as parents are going to home educate your children. You have a mother and a father and perhaps the father’s school experience was private schooling and the mother was government school, or one was boarding and the other walked down to the local school, or whatever it might be, in these instances both mother and father were in some form of school institution.

With home education it is not that anymore it is home, not a school building. Perhaps both mother and father do not have a reference of education taking place in the home, so that your tendency is to reference to where your education took place and that was in a school building. So very often parents try to replicate that in their home, but your home is not a school building, it is a home, a loving environment where you have chosen to educate your children.