So now I am going to show you a picture that I think you might relate to, (on the video you see a picture of someone jumping off a cliff into the water below) you might feel you are about to jump off a cliff and that may be a bit daunting, overwhelming and scary.
I want to show you visually some more pictures explaining the direction where, we at Oikos, want to help you to go. I want to show you visually :-
Picture of young boy with his head resting on his book . You can see that this little boy is just tired.
Picture of little chap painting in the garden. Looking content.
Picture of a little girl siting at her computer Bear this in mind
Picture of two children cooking with spaghetti sauce and stirring it. Compare this to the little girl at the computer
These pictures are shown to emphasise that we here at Oikos are encouraging you to be involved in discovery learning. Learning and doing and exploring life, all the way into adult life, even though, when the young adults get to a certain age they are not going to be playing ball in the garden, they are going to be sitting studying more and doing their Chemistry for instance.
I am taking you on this specific journey to show you that instead of getting concerned about the issuing of certificates, what we at Oikos would like to help you to think about, is to be concerned about the whole well being of your child. The training and well being of their character and their relationship with God, and teaching them in The Word, so that when they are adults they will be equipped in a different way to what you are possibly thinking. Maybe you are thinking exactly this and maybe this is just the road you want to be going down. I don’t know.
So what does that road look like? (Again on the video a number of images are used to illustrate this.) Children in the garden playing, families getting together to play games, building relationships, sibling relationships, no matter what their ages. Time with Grandparents where they can gain and learn in that way.
We can now take you back to a picture of a stack of books. I know we here at Oikos provide books and resources and so on. We do keep coming back to reminding you that it is not all about knowledge, knowledge and knowledge. The knowledge that we are concerned about, is the knowledge of Him and we are also concerned about equipping, developing skills and helping young adults become prepared.
Picture three little children sitting on a bench reading. So your children might be playing in the garden or reading. Developing a passion and a love for reading is going to help them advance in many ways in life. In later life they will be able to study a course, they will love to read, they will love to learn. That is the key, if you can keep a love of learning, nothing is going to hold your children back, they can take wings and fly!
What I would like you to ponder on for a minute, is that it is not just children that need to take time playing. Picture a young man playing with a frisbee on the beach. For us at Oikos that is so vital. I really am not saying this to indicate that we are ignoring the need of certificates or the need for academic achievement, what I am saying is that happens alongside these other things.
Sometimes, too much tome is spent on getting the knowledge, while these other important things are neglected. This is why I am asking you to look at this from a different perspective, getting our priorities in order. Perhaps that will bring some peace about the need for certification and high awards and so-on.
So we can look at this child hard at work, or see a child hard at play, and we are promoting the one with the child hard at play, whilst alongside that getting an excellent education with the whole Oikos lifestyle.
We don’t put a huge amount of emphasis on the certification because we know it is going to happen, it is going to happen naturally, even if they don’t have an actual piece of paper, we know that when they enter adult life, if they have undergone the training of an Oikos lifestyle it is going to be an excellent education, even without the paper to prove it. There are many testimonies on our website of young adults who have lived the Oikos lifestyle testifying that even without pieces of paper they are excelling in adult life.