So I am here today to talk to you about certificates. I know this is a very important and serious topic and that responsible parents will be watching this because they want to be assured that their children are going to be adequately qualified, that they are going to have the necessary skills to equip them to enter tertiary education or adult life as responsible educated people.
In all of those considerations the words certificates, reports or achievements come up. You as a parent are concerned as to how does the issuing of certificates happen in home education and where are we going to get them from. How are our children get the required documentation?

How are our children going to get the required documentation?

This is what I want to speak to you about here as this is a concern that many parents have, which is quite understandable because when their children were at school they received reports and certificates and then at their final exit they may receive a matric certificate. Now they are being home educated so how and where are they going to get these certificates?

That is what I want to talk about in the following clips.