00:15 Sonja: Here we are in our bargain box. If you look on these shelves, we just got to show them the shelves with some books here on the shelf. Sometimes they’re full and sometimes they’re not as full. If we are doing… Having problems with our printers or binders, we’re doing some adjustments, there could be some errors that happen along the way. And then we start collecting our aero box which don’t make it through the quality checks and end up here on the bargain box. And here We have Thembani now, stamping the books with a discount stamp, and she is also marking them… What are you doing Thembani? You put this red… She puts this red ink on them to show that this book has not passed through the quality checks, it’s become a bargain box book. For whatever reason, there was too much glue, it was cut a bit crooked. What’s wrong with this one?

00:58 Thembani: They put some of this…

01:00 Sonja: Oh, yeah. There was one chapter in this Abraham Lincoln that we discovered was wrong, it was all back to front, we don’t know why. It just happens like that. Sometimes, digitally, things go wrong. And so now they’re going in. And show me where you’re fixing this? You are going into the book. So what’s happening is this one particular paragraph in this book has gone into some state of confusion, so we retape it, printed it out, cutting them out and sticking them on and creating that paragraph. And so now this book is not in its original perfect form, so it becomes a bargain box book. So now Thembani is sitting here stamping them, the book, with the discount stamp. Why are we putting it… Maybe we should just put the discount stamp here. I don’t know, maybe that’s not a good place for a discount stamp. And then there is a discount on the back as well I think. On this?

01:50 Thembani: Yes, it is.

01:52 Sonja: There. So we can see that this book has been damaged for whatever reason. And then that also put ink on the bottom corner of this bar. And now this goes on to the bargain box shelf. You’re still doing those ones? So I’ll take this book and we put it here and now we will alter our stock on the website to say that those books are now available at a very discounted price. And that’s our bargain box. Let me show you the clinic where we check the books, if they don’t pass they come through to here ’cause we didn’t do this step, so let’s go back to the clinic.

02:28 Sonja: Here we are at the clinic. As you see, book clinic repair, and what happens is when the books come off the binder, like we’ve shown you and trimmed, they get put here. You’ve just put these ones here, Archie? These were trimmed over there. So you didn’t just see… Archie came and put these here while I was talking to you. And he didn’t just take these and put them straight into stores. They come into the clinic first because somebody’s now is not gonna come stand here at this table, and they’re going to check this book in every which way as it’s been demonstrate. Are the page numbers correct, is the print quality good. Everything about this book is going to be quality checked.

03:00 Archie: The biggest problem with our sewn books is how easy it warps. But, when you trim it correctly… Watch this? See? It lines up.

03:13 Sonja: It’s absolutely perfect. So Archie’s very pleased with the fact that he has been adding some extra check measures to make sure that this quality is improved, and you’ll see, these are the tools of our clinic. We don’t have syringes and band-aids and bandages. We have lots of different colored paints ’cause some times there can be a tiny little scuff on the corner that we’re not happy about it. You see a little whack mark there, and then they’ll get a matching color and just fill it in. That’s what this is for, right?

03:41 Archie: Yeah.

03:41 Sonja: And also just checking if it needs any tiny touch of glue repair, whatever it might be. And then it’s going to go from here, through to, around the corner and then we going to put it into the stores over here, like what we’ve showed you at the beginning.