00:15 Sonja: We wanted to show you now quickly, Courier Guy has arrived. Every day, I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the fact that Courier Guy brings your parcels to you. They are very helpful and we are very, very delighted with their efficiency and their service. And, Jamie, just come with me, I want to show something here on our darling Courier Guy’s van. It says here, “Mr G.” That’s because it’s Mr. Gleisner, and he’s got a little Mr. G on his car. But let’s go introduce you to Mr. Gleisner. We fondly call him Mkhulu, that’s just the Zulu word for grandpa. Come, come this way and I’ll show you. He comes every day faithfully to fetch our parcels. You’re following? Oh, good. Hello, Mkhulu!

01:00 Moritz Gleisner: Hello, how you doing?

01:01 Sonja: Fine, thanks. How are you?

01:02 Moritz Gleisner: Long time no see!

01:04 Sonja: Look, we’ve got the camera rolling.

01:06 Moritz Gleisner: Aaah!

01:07 Sonja: Yeah, you’re on TV now.

01:08 Moritz Gleisner: Oh, okay! [chuckle]

01:12 Sonja: Here is Moritz. He is busy sorting out the parcels. He’s come to collect these few parcels today. Whether there are two, one, or 21, you come and fetch, don’t you?

01:22 Moritz Gleisner: Yes.

01:22 Sonja: Yes. So, we’re just telling everybody about how grateful we are for wonderful Courier Guy service.

01:28 Moritz Gleisner: Thank you.

01:29 Sonja: And so what Moritz does is he takes out the slips out, as you see, and he signs them and does the things, and he leaves the signed dockets with us so if anything goes wrong with your parcel we’ve got the slips here to look it up, and we’ve also got it online. So we’ll help you find your parcel. But it’s not often, it’s a very rare occasion that we have any problems with Courier Guy.

01:56 Moritz Gleisner: Very rare.

01:56 Sonja: Very rare, yeah. Did you enjoy the drive out here as usual?

02:02 Moritz Gleisner: Yes, it’s nice. They say tomorrow there’s gonna be 60% chance of rain.

02:06 Sonja: Really? Good.

02:08 Moritz Gleisner: We need it.

02:09 Sonja: Yeah. Never say no to rain. We can pray for it for the Cape, hey? They need it. Let me to help you take these. Jamie, you could just follow us, and we’ll go to the car with Moritz’s… Step over the dog on the way.

02:26 Moritz Gleisner: Are you alright?

02:27 Sonja: I’m fine, thank you. Thanks for coming again.

02:31 Moritz Gleisner: Yeah, you’re welcome.

02:32 Sonja: Always good to see you.

02:36 Moritz Gleisner: I always like it here; comes a nice drive out, actually.

02:38 Sonja: Yeah, it is.

02:39 Moritz Gleisner: Yeah.

02:41 Sonja: Can just enjoy it.

02:42 Moritz Gleisner: Yeah.

02:43 Sonja: Hey, Bruno, are you smelling Uncle Moritz’s car?

02:47 Moritz Gleisner: Oh, yes.

02:49 Sonja: Good boy.

02:49 Moritz Gleisner: One thing he does, he always greeter.

02:52 Sonja: Such a good boy, aren’t you? Alright.

02:56 Moritz Gleisner: Alright, thank you. Okay, Jamie. Enjoy the rest of your days.

03:00 Sonja: We will, thank you. You, too. Thanks, Moritz. We just like to call him Mkhulu. In fact, Moritz is the father of the sons who run Courier Guy. They’ve been wonderful to us here at Oikos, and help get your parcels to you. So we’re really grateful for them. Off he goes.