00:15 Right, so we’ve all had a nice lunch break and now here we are back in Oikos stores, and Slie over here is going to take all the orders that we have that have come through online, and she’s going to pull them from the stores. And then she’ll put them all on here and then they will be checked. There you go. Thank you, Slie, ngiyabonga. And so now if, Jamie, you can just follow Slie a little bit, she’ll go and have a look for the order and… Somebody’s ordering Yellow LLATL and Blue LLATL.

01:17 And then she will go and get the next one and then what happens, here is the next step is it gets checked that the correct order has been pulled and somebody else does that, and then the last step, just go across there is that we collect a loyalty bag which we haven’t told you much about but these loyalty bags we make them here and we put different scriptures on them and that’s just a little bag to say thank you for your order and that you are special to us and that we hope that this has been a blessing to you.

01:49 Once the order’s been pulled then somebody else, of course Slie in this case is coming and she’s checking this order and she’s going to tick off each and every item and make absolute certain that it is the right book. It’s got the right cover, it’s got the right content, and so here we have yet another check. So now here she is checking this particular book making sure because the first thing on this order was for a promise student book, so of course she’s checking that and she will go through and check all of these books and tick them here as they checked and then once she is finished checking it now she’s giving the book a nice swab in case it gathered any little bits of dust on the shelf, when she’s finished checking it she puts it across on the packing table.

02:40 And there is Slie pulling the next one, there she goes to pull the next one and then she’ll bring that one and put it here and so the process keeps going. And sometimes if there’s lots and lots of orders this will take many hours as you can imagine. So it might be that your order doesn’t go out there the same day that you ordered it online because we have to wait for the payment clearance and then it might also be the courier can’t get here for whatever reason which is very rare, or it might be that there’s too many orders, well, not too many but there’s a lot of orders let’s rather say, and then we will wait until all orders are packed before we call courier and then all of those orders will go out, so it be maybe two days, upto two days or maybe even three when you are waiting for your order, for this process to be complete.

03:21 Okay, so here we are at the end of the process, the orders have been pulled and checked and now we have Slie and Makhosi busy packing them into their parcels, in the background is Gugu continuing to check the orders that are the last few to check and in here you will see our Oikos branding, the ladies put this on the back of the… I mean on the side of the parcels.

03:51 Slie is busy packing over there and she will put in the packaging material in a moment to make it all nicely packed so that we don’t have broken and damaged and the corners of your book’s getting scuffed in any way. And then Makhosi is nearly finished making her parcel over there, she’s gonna put the packing slip in and check and check, she gets some scripture cards to put into her parcel as well.

04:21 And now she signs her name to show that she was the one that packed that and also on that little slip is saying that we need to pack our orders with care and prayer, so now she sees that person’s name on the packing slip and she must pray and ask the Lord to bless this family and that they would have a good home education experience, and so they have committed to pray for this family as they are finished packing the parcel.

04:57 Jamie, would you like to swing up there and have a look at Gugu fetching the boxes from up there? Hello Gugu.

05:17 Now the last step is to stick the pocket on which the label goes into and together with that we stick on this little lumo notice on the side here to remind the courier to please phone the mom before they deliver because we know the mom’s lives, how they are busy and taking the children around and dropping them at places and extramurals and they might not be home when the courier arrives. So we put a extra note on here to ask for sure ’cause if we just used to write it here in the… Oh, in here in the notice to please call the mom before you deliver, but they weren’t noticing that enough, so now we do these lumo notices to ask them please, please, please can you pass it to me.

06:01 Little smiley face. Please call receiver before delivery. And now we hope that this order arrives nice and safely at the time that suits the person who’s receiving it. The order goes over here. Where are you running to? Why did you run away? Hey Gugu? Are you going to help pack now? You can go and help pack. Don’t worry about the camera. Just pretend it’s not here. So now as we showed you at the beginning of the day, that this is where we started with showing you all the packed parcels and courier came and collected them. And now the process starts again. And we’re packing these ones. And so now of course he’s putting her label on there. And then she will put the label pocket, and the little lumo note. And she’ll put it across there on the table. And tomorrow Mkhulu will come fetch the parcels again.