00:13 Sonja: All right. Now, we’ve shown you the whole process of how we make your books. But now, you’ve gone on to the website and you’ve placed your order. And we have a look at your order and we wait for the payment to be verified, and we get a notification to say that your payment is verified from the bank. And now, we continue the processing of your order. And that happens over… Well, I’m in the print room at the moment. But I’m gonna actually show you where that happens. So if you can just follow me.

00:42 Sonja: So now here we are in this office. This is amdin in clerical, and everything else. And Barbie is sitting there processing the orders and matching payments with orders, and making sure that everything lines up nice and straight. And then when that’s all ready, she says, “Print,” and she prints packing slips to that machine that I was at the moment ago, which I’m gonna show you again now. And your packing slips comes through the machine, and then we give them to Slie and then she pulls that order according to the packing slip. Let me show you how that happens.

01:12 Sonja: And here we are… Before I leave here, I just want to say as well, that Barbie’s sitting here, ready on the hotline. If anybody has any problems, and they want to phone and find out what’s happening, she’s had a few calls today already about all manner of things. Someone was a bit worried ’cause she put, ordered three things instead of one. She hit three, and then she paid for three, instead of one. So then Barbie is here to help it, to sort that out. So don’t panic. If you’ve got problems, you just phone or you email. And that’s what we’re here for, to try and help you solve that problem.

01:40 Sonja: Okay. Let’s go and see your packing slips now being printed. The office we were in just now, we are showing you where Barbie was sitting doing the clerical. From that office, she tells this printer to print the packing slips, which she’s already done. And so now we’re just waiting for the packing slips to come out here. And as soon as they have, we take them across there to pull your order for you, which I’ll show you in a minute.

02:04 Sonja: Here come the packing slips, there we go. So we’re happy with that. Now, we take the packing slips from here. See? And we go through to stores to pull them.

02:29 Archie: This is our pulling area. This is where we line up all the way bills with the packing slips, and we get it ready for the ladies to come and pull the orders.

02:44 Sonja: If there’s a lot of orders on that day, it will take a little longer, obviously. The more orders, the more time-consuming this process. But now, we have reached the end of the morning by this stage. Where we’re at right now is Archie’s matching the label with the packing slip. And now, what’s going to happen is… Everybody’s going to disappear for lunch to take a break and have some lunch, which we’re also gonna do. And then we’re gonna come back after lunch and the ladies will then pick up this order and this packing slip, like so. And then they will take that into the stores there, and they will pull the order, and we will put it on the table, and then it gets checked again, lots and lots and lots of checks. After it’s been checked again, it then goes to that table over there to pack, but we’ll show you all that after lunch. For now, it’s lunch break time.