00:14 Sonja: The cover that you saw being printed there has to be scored over here. Are you scoring now? Slie, are you scoring? Okay. Score one of these, let’s see. The reason why we have to score the cover is because when we put it on what we call the lay, which is the binding machine, which I’ll show you in a moment is you have to have a ridged line here so that when it goes into the machine to be bound, it makes a very nice edge. Let me show you. Slie… Can you just do a bit of a close up of Slie doing the… She does four because two are for where the span is gonna be, and the other two are just an aesthetic line, just to make it look nice for you.


01:05 Sonja: Now, we have the finished product, after Slie’s finished scoring, and we bring it across to here… Swing around to here. And this is now our binding machine. This is called hot glue binding because in this trough is glue which is melted… There’s a thermostat underneath it. I’ll show you what the glue looks like before we put it in there. It looks like this. It’s just like little pearls, little beads. Just like our printer, in the print room, is a very, very hungry printer; likes to eat a lot of paper, gobble, gobble, gobble, and it’s the same as our binder. This is what we feed our binder, this is what the binder likes to eat. Once our glue’s melted here, this glue that we’ve put into the binder, we put the book into the carriage here. It comes across, picks up the hot glue and takes it onto the cover and attaches the cover to the book, which we’ll be showing you the process in a moment.

02:01 Sonja: But this cover now goes on what we call the lay. This here is the lay. I’m not going to go into the details of this now because Slie’s gonna come over and bind these books for us. I’m going to match the cover to the books that it goes with. Now, all these covers will be scored, they’ll be stuck here enough to match the books that are going to be bound, and then they’ll pick these books up, put them in the machine and bound them. Slie, can you come? Slie, come please. She puts them up there on top of the table, and now her first one, she has to get it exactly right to make sure that the measurements that the book lands in the right position and so on and so forth, so that we don’t have mistakes. So she selected what books she’s gonna be binding, she puts them on here. And now she does all her lining up, making sure that the camper’s at the right position, so that it holds the book tightly so the book doesn’t move when it’s moving across the carriage.


03:25 Sonja: That button that Slie’s just turned on is to cause this to roll, which now is picking up all the glue from the trough, the melted glue. We have to turn the binder on some time before we start binding the books because it has to melt the glue. And now this carriage is gonna go across and pick up the glue from that roller. But you’ll see, now, that Slie is putting the cover on. She must make sure it’s the right way around because we don’t want upside down covers. If that happens, then the book goes to a bargain box and then we’re able to move it on to, anyway, at a reduced price because we made a mistake. But we try not to make mistakes, obviously. And now she’s lining it up exactly, precisely. This is what she has to do for the first cover. From now on, for all the other books she does, she would have her settings in the correct position.


04:30 Sonja: There goes the book across the glue. Now, she’s going to clamp the cover to the book, to the spine of the book. And now, she checks it carefully that it’s all glued nicely and she puts it into the press. Now, the press is just a place for it to rest here, while she does the next book. Just stay on this book, I want to show you something here, to give you a reason as to why the scoring was done. You see it gives it a nice pleasing aesthetic look here. That’s all that that is for. That line is for aesthetic purposes. But the other score lines were to get an exact, nice, sharp, crisp, span finish. And you’ll see up here, there are some numbers here, those are gonna be cut off in the trim process, but those are numbers that are put onto show exactly where the score lines need to be, so that we get a very precise finished book. But this book isn’t completely finished yet, as you can see, because look here, we’ve still got the edges to be trimmed off the book. So here we are at the trimming, where they’re going to take this book that was bound, that Slie bound for us there just now. And now Gugu, over here, is going to trim the book for us. Thank you. But, Archie, you had something you wanted to tell me?

05:45 Archie: Just to make the process more consistent and a bit easier for us, we put the one setting in, we put the books in, we only trim the one side of that whole row…

05:55 Sonja: The whole stack? Oh, okay.

05:55 Archie: And then we’ll change the setting to trim the next side. So as you see, it’ll be a bit repetitive, but we’re gonna do one book, and then change…

06:01 Sonja: Well, we’re showing them for real. This is for real, what goes on here. Let’s do it. Let’s watch how Gugu does it, then. It’s a very scary machine, this, because you have to know what you’re doing. Got a big sharp blade on it. You don’t want to lose any fingers.


06:25 Sonja: Where’s she getting her measurement from? So there’s a measurement chart, with each particular kind of book has got very specific measurements for the reason of consistency.

06:34 Archie: Yes.

06:36 Sonja: Right.


07:04 Sonja: As you’ll see, now that Gugu’s checking the books. So we’re always very surprised when we hear that somebody’s received a book with something not quite right in it because it does go through all these checks. But then again, we’re all human, and so we might not be fully concentrating, or might just skip something while we’re checking. It does happen, but we are very particular about our quality check. That’s why are not happy when you receive something that’s not of the standard we would like you to have. But then, of course, we fix that for you. There is the book clinic, and then it goes from there into stores, and the next thing we’re going to show you is the pulling and the packing.

07:41 Sonja: What we’ve done now is we’ve come up the stairway ’cause upstairs, here, is stores. Just do a bit of footage up there at the stores, up there, so we can see. That’s where we keep all our boxes and our packaging and our stores, basically. It’s unlike that mezzanine floor that we put in there. And down below on “the floor,” as we call it, is where all the action is happening. Now, you can see Slie is busy binding the books that we showed you just now. Gugu’s trimming them. Archie’s making sure that they get the right measurements for trimming because they’ve just recalculated all of that and, of course, he’s busy scoring the covers so that they’re ready for Slie when she comes to bind.