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The Beginning

God impressed on our hearts and birthed a vision in us to support families to grow in Kingdom living so that they could raise their children at home and to serve Him with their heart, soul and mind.

This vision was birthed in 1987 but in fact the seed was planted during my childhood years. It is our hope and desire to be used by God as His servants for His Kingdom purpose as we support families who choose to keep their children at home. Oikos learning lifestyle has developed over the years to now offer families the following…

  • Family support – Encourage parents in their vision for their families and to offer practical help to live the learning lifestyle at home
  • Home education (Homeschool) resources for children from birth through to adult life
  • Our online store will give you full reviews of all resources
  • Online Video Support
  • Outreach tours

We believe that God deposited in us His heart for children to be raised in loving homes with parents who nurture, guide, teach and train them in His Word and so equip them to follow Him all the days of their lives. His heart and vision for Kingdom living is brought into every aspect of the Oikos Learning Lifestyle. In fact the resources that God has placed before us, all support in raising children to be men and women who love and serve God with all their heart, soul and mind.