Personal History of the Wood Family

In 1987 when Greg and I, Sonja Wood, were married we both soon discovered that we had the same heart for the raising of children. Our hearts were committed to raising whoever He entrusted to us for Him and for His Kingdom purpose. We both knew that the children He blessed us with would be for the purpose of raising them and teaching them in such a way that they would follow Him with their lives in love and service to His greater Kingdom plan. We began to research and explore ways in which this would be possible and then in 1989 God blessed us with a daughter, whom we named Melissa (meaning honey). It was our prayer that we would raise her to have a love for God and His Word which would be sweeter than honey.

We were then blessed with a son, James. Our children were both born with chronic medical conditions and so began the difficulties which were in fact necessary, for a greater purpose to be fulfilled, because it was obvious that we must be allowed the privilege of teaching our children at home, as they could not enter into a government or private schooling system. The journey to learn all we could about home education (Homeschooling) began and a dear friend in America began sending me home education (Homeschool) books because, not only was there not a single book of this nature to be read in South Africa, at that time, but the word ‘home education, or home schooling’ was not spoken, let alone understood. Once having read that people had gone before us in America and pioneered home education (Homeschooling) in their country, it became very clear to us that this was what God was calling us to do and He gave us the name of a ministry which He birthed in our hearts called Oikos Family Ministries. This was birthed simply for us to share with our fellow South Africans all we were learning through His Word.

We began with a few parent help books which we imported from America, to share with families who were interested to know more about the vision that God had laid on our hearts. It quickly grew into us being able to provide families with KONOS, being the philosophy behind the vision of Oikos Family Ministries, being to build strong, united families (because KONOS offers the opportunity for the whole family together to be focusing on a specific unit that being a character trait), to raise children for His Kingdom plan and purpose, and a generation who will love Him with all their hearts, souls and minds and who will ultimately serve Him all the days of their lives.

For those of you who are familiar with our Online Store you will already know how God has led us in providing all resources necessary to raise and train our children. So to Him we give our thanks as it is always Him who provides Oikos with resources which are all written by godly men and women, all with a similar vision and heart, that being to support families who choose to teach their children at home.

We could give so much more detail in our history. There is so much more, such as how God led us to be part of the first associations, conferences, workshops etc of home education (Homeschooling) in this country and how He continues to guide us as He keeps developing us, so that we may grow in our serving of the many families choosing this lifestyle of teaching their children at home.

It is our sincere prayer that Oikos Family Ministries will continue to make history and while doing so continue to grow in support of families walking this road of Kingdom living.